What Would You Look Like With a D-Cup? Try the New Plastic Surgery Simulator

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Plastic Surgery Simulator

We at New Times often wonder what we'd look like with DD breasts and lips like inner tubes.

And if the Good Father did not see fit to bless you with Shakira's backside or the chin like a book-end that you so desire, you can stop picturing in your head how you might appear. You can find out, thanks to an app called Plastic Surgery Simulator.

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The app is available for download on your computer, Android, or iPhone. It allows you to take a photo of yourself and try out different "enhancements" to your image. You can then expand, decrease, or move features on your face and body as you desire.

The idea being that you can see almost exactly what the nose job you want would look like.

"It sounds kind of comical, but it's a basis for discussion," says Daniel Shapiro, a local plastic surgeon in Paradise Valley.

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Perhaps a program to show what Jaffy would look like with a brain?

He's off to see the wizard.................................

WhoKnows topcommenter

@shadeaux14 Maybe a function to see what Jaffy would look like after removing his head from his ass?

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