Heith Fink Is the Tempe Cop Caught Texting While Riding Motorcycle

Justin Argall via Facebook
Several Valley news stations have shown the above photo of a Tempe cop texting while driving his police motorcycle on a highway, although it appears the police department was not very forthcoming with the identity of the officer.

New Times will let the cat out of the bag here, and tell you this is 14-year veteran Officer Heith Fink.

(Tempe PD confirmed his identity.)

The guy who took the picture, Justin Argall, claimed to news outlets and on Facebook that the cop was going more than 80 mph on U.S. 60 (where 65 mph is the posted speed limit) and was texting for a few miles. That probably means he was going about 80 while trying to operate his camera phone, but, hey, he's not a cop.

The Tempe PD says Fink has been disciplined for this incident and says that the only other discipline Fink has gotten in the past three years was just a verbal reprimand.

Here's the official statement from the Tempe PD:
Once this matter was brought to our attention we identified the officer. The officer has been disciplined and this incident is now considered closed.

The Tempe Police Department does not condone this type of distracted driving. In fact, we have instituted specific policies prohibiting texting while operating police vehicles. Texting while driving or performing any activities that take away attention from the driving task are extremely dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.

Training will be provided to reduce the chance of our officers putting themselves in similar dangerous situations in the future.

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I was stopped at the light on westbound McKellips at Hayden the other day when a 30something gal with a stethoscope hangin around her neck in a Ford Explorer next to my was reading her phone, perhaps texting. Stopped at the light, not necessarily a problem. The light turned green and she kept her eyes on the phone, in her right hand, off to the side, as she started up. I'd like to say I figure nurses are smarter than that (and I hope they are). But I know young doctors can be awfully cocky. That's what this person looked like to me.


most cops are assholes,

now watch them wait for the whistleblower and retaliate, like their above the law.

disciplined, why not ticketed? and its not even his bike.


man. after 30 years of riding,I don't have the balls,or ignorance to try that!

and I bitch about people in cages texting while driving!


Tempe is full of cops who don't give a shit, starting at the top with Tom Ryff.





and man do we see oodles of them! not sane no matter how stable your freeway cruiser is. those BMWs are smooth,but comeon!


@JAFFY "YAPPY". Let see if U care when he runs over UR fucking ass when U R getting out of UR job at BK; better yet, while pushing UR shopping cart with all UR earthly possessions. PHOENIX IDIOT.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  who cares? I care. i dont want to see a cop or anyone else become road pizza because they couldnt keep from checking their "twitter" account. also, being a cop, if this yahoo did dump or torpedo that bike into the rear of a car at 75mph because when he got done "LOL'ing" to someone he looked up too late to stop..........as a city employee, our taxes may be paying for his stupidity (especially if he kills someone). you claim to be all about law and order, how can you look for drunks or speeders if your checking your facebook account on your cell phone? use your goddam head for a minute will you. lets put it in a way you will understand and like, okay? "how many illegals did he let go by while texting?"  now do you see? does that example help you? is that a way you approve of?

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