Southern Arizona Duo Wear 10 Pounds of Meth While Trying to Cross Border

Briayan Efrain Ramirez-Garcia (left) and Melissa Lopez Delgado.

Today in Found at the Border: Meth is now a fashion statement.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found a duo from southern Arizona wearing a combined total of 10 pounds of meth while trying to cross the border back into the United States on Tuesday.

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Melissa Lopez Delgado, 22, and Briayan Efrain B. Ramirez-Garcia, 20, both of Somerton, were trying to cross the border while driving through the port of entry in San Luis, south of Yuma.

Delgado had a package taped around her upper-thigh area, while Ramirez had more of a meth-suit thing going on.

He had packages wrapped around his waist, thighs, and calves.

Perhaps it didn't look as obvious while the two were sitting in their car, but officers selected them for additional inspection on their drive through the port.

As you can imagine, the pat-down didn't end well for these two.

According to CBP, they were wearing a combined 10 pounds of meth, worth around $157,000.

Delgado and Ramirez were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations.

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Enoggh is enough!  Laws should be passed allowing smugglers to be shot on sight.  After the word gets around I think smuggling will end pretty quickly because not even criminals like the thought of getting shot.

valleynative topcommenter

Judging by the number of people caught only because they were chosen for special attention, this method is probably pretty successful.

Expect the announcement of a new line of Spanx with pouches.


Very disappointed in the lack of effort - is this the best that these two could come up with?


To make a better life....



Shoot two drug smugglers, two more show up the next day.

You don't get rid of drugs by attacking the supply, its a demand driven business.


@JoeArpaioFanEnoggh is enough?!? Enough is enough?  Throw out the Constitution? Get rid of courts? Eliminate due process?  Let the guards be the executioners? You shrill piece of shit! Go live somewhere where else you fucking mental midget. And Fuck You and Fuck Joe Arpaio.


@JohnQ.Public Do you mean the meth smugglers or the two juveniles "commenting" above? 


@berto To make a better life ?................No.................. to fill the need of the drug thirsty Americans that can't get enough of that Poison.

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