Should Trent Franks Just Go Away?

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If you were to argue that Republican Congressman Trent Franks does something worthwhile in Congress, that argument would be short-lived.

After more than a decade in Congress, Franks has no legacy to speak of, but continues his fights against gay marriage, abortion, and gambling -- fights that amount to nothing more than a waste of everyone's time.

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In fact, just in 2012, New Times calculated that Franks wasted 98 minutes of the American public's time so he could ramble about abortion.

Consider the unsuccessful abortion bills he's proposed, like his proposal to ban abortions past 20 weeks in Washington D.C. (which he later expanded nationwide). If you think that's passing both chambers of Congress and getting a stamp of approval from President Obama, you ought to research the possibilities of being placed in a straight-jacket, and set inside a square room with white padded walls, where you will be fed your pills twice a day.

Franks also recently created a nationwide ruckus for declaring that there aren't that many pregnancies that result from rape -- just the latest in a long, long line of very stupid things he's said.

Now, we see that Franks is co-sponsoring a bill to change the Constitution to declare, "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman."

We're not asking for Franks to resign. We're asking for him to go far, far away, and never come back. Do you want Franks to just go away?

Cast your vote below:

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wherewasi topcommenter

Absolutely - Franks should get the hell out of our lives and take that sanctimonious bitch Cathie Herrod with him.  The two of them can go to a mountain top somewhere in Tibet, stroke each other's overblown egos and revel in their moral superiority over us vile mere mortals who believe we should have some say over who we love and whether or not we want to procreate.


Another look over there, while i'm breaking the law over here. Franks is a disgrace.

valleynative topcommenter

He's like the crazy brother who thinks he's a chicken.

We'd have him put away but we need the eggs.

He's embarrassing, but harmless, and can be counted on to vote against things like Obamacare and trendy "gun control" legislation.


He wasted 98 minutes in 2012? Only 98 minutes? Everything he does wastes time.  On second thought, he IS a total waste of time. 


His mother needs to consider being the first woman to have a retroactive abortion.


@valleynative Right, because voting against trying to reform a broken health care system is much worse than continuously introducing bills that violate the U.S. Constitution. While I'm not a big fan of the approach taken in the Affordable Care Act, I'll take that any day over Franks continuous efforts to impose his religious views, values and observance upon you, me and the rest of America. And again, he's only harmless until he's succesful and then even atheists like you (which I believe that you've said you are - forgive me if I'm inccorrect) will have to live your life in accordance with Trent's religious beliefs.  I just wish that your comments reflected as much appreciation of the 1st Amendment protection of your freedom from religion as they do your appreciation of the 2nd Amendment protection of your freedom to keep and bear arms. 

valleynative topcommenter


You can't really characterize a vote against Obamacare as "Voting against trying to reform a broken health care system".  I'm all for reforming the health care system, but Obamacare is a particularly bad attempt.  Just because something needs to be done, that doesn't mean that absolutely anything suggested must be done.

I probably support freedom from religion even more than my right to bear arms, but Franks is a toddler asking to have the moon moved to a better location.  It really doesn't matter how often or loudly he asks.  He's harmless.

valleynative topcommenter

@JohnQ.Public I don't think I ever said that none of his bills would ever get out of committee.  I said none (I might even have said "few") had.

This isn't a process in which practice makes perfect.  He doesn't get better and better with each attempt.  The climate in Congress is actually shifting further and further away from his views.

A bad solution to health care that is being implemented is literally infinitely worse than a horrible bill by Franks that is not passed. 

valleynative topcommenter

@JohnQ.Public  Obamacare is worse precisely because it passed.

Do you honestly think his bill has any reasonable chance of becoming law?

I didn't think so.  He's harmless.


@valleynative I would have taken an entirely different approach to reforming health care too and the fact that the administration just pushed back the compliance date of one of the central pieces of the ACA shows how convoluted their approach is.  Just because I disagree with the approach, however, doesn't mean that the effort is worse than Frank's ongoing effort to impose his religious views on you through the force of federal law.

I go back to my comment the other day, you used to say that none of his bills would never get out of committee, and then it would never get a vote on the floor and then it would never pass.  Well, all of those things have now happened.  At what point are you willing to say a line has been crossed.  It's like he's sighting in his scope and getting closer and closer to hitting the center of his target.  How long is it until his aim is true and he's able to put his crosshairs right on target and nail it?

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