Police Nab the Chandler Spare-Tire Bandit

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Not the actual hoard of tires Ortiz allegedly swiped
Police arrested Angel Ortiz on Thursday for allegedly stealing about 45 spare tires from the backs of cars in Chandler, Mesa, and Gilbert.

Ortiz, 39, is accused of driving to shopping centers and parking lots with a tire iron, police say, looking for cars with a mounted spare on the exterior. Police say his favorite vehicles to purloin tires from were the Jeep Liberty, Toyota RAV4, and Honda CR-V.

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"I don't know for sure, but he's somehow turning the tires around for cash," says Chandler police detective Seth Tyler. "Maybe he's selling the rims to a metal recycler. This isn't a really common thing thing we see."

There's no talk of Ortiz being the kingpin of tire-theft empire yet, but Tyler believes Ortiz has been loosening lug nuts and fleeing with spares since February. He says detectives are certain he's responsible for the tri-city tire thefts because they all had a similar M.O. -- targeting spares without lug locks.

Chandler Police Department's Auto Theft Unit nabbed Ortiz after a victim jotted his license plate down after Ortiz allegedly tried to make off with his tire, Tyler says.

Police charged Ortiz with two counts of trafficking in stolen property and one count of theft.


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I hope this illegal alien enjoys his stay in the 4th Avenue jail. When he gets out of jail he must be deported.


Another brown brother just trying to make a living imprisoned by racist gringos. Who is going to support his family now? How would you feel if you were arrested for working hard? This country is backwards, amnesty!

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

notice the caption on the photo of tires? claiming it to NOT be the actual horde of tires? i think that was included for JAFfy so he doesnt get the wrong idea.............yet again (nice of Weston to think of poor confused JAFfy when composing his article)

valleynative topcommenter

Whoever he's been selling them to is going to have a lousy weekend.


@JAFFYCLIT, That looks like UR "illegal" daddy jaffy, U should go and talk to OLD SAGGY BALLS and see if U can visit him, just don't try 2 B molested or go 2 any holding cell 2 suck dicks. U R AN ILLEGAL, BITCH.


@JoeArpaioFanWhere does it say Ortiz is undocumented? You are such a rabid anti-immigration nutcase that you assume everyone with a Hispanic names is undocumented.  What an asshole.  Oh, and Fuck Joe Arpaio.


Flake? He's a three hundred pound flake with a face like a baked potato. Robbing innocent people of spare tires is despicable. Like his victims he will be stuck somewhere for longer than he imagined in a place called tent city. Sleep well fat-tard.

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