Pinal County Animal Welfare Workers Search for Owner of Abused and Abandoned Dog

Pinal County
Injured dog abandoned at Florence shelter
Over the weekend, someone dropped off a dog at a Florence animal shelter with a chain-link collar wrapped so tight, and for so long, around the dog's neck that its skin was growing around the metal.

The dog will stay in a foster home until she heals up, and then will likely be put up for adoption.

Animal welfare officials are continuing their searching for the owner(s) who abandoned the dog in a holding pen outside of the shelter after it closed on Friday night and before it opened on Saturday morning.

The shelter's supervisor, an Emergency Animal Medical Technician, removed the metal collar embedded in the dog.

Animal Care & Control Director Kaye Dickson said officers are working on a few leads.

"We don't know if this dog was lost and found by the person who dropped it off, or if the owner had kept the dog in this condition," she said in a press release.

Anyone with tips about the dog's history or its owners can e-mail

Pinal County
Recovering pooch (left), and the hain removed from dog's collar (right).

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this makes me sick to my stomach and I wish that these people be treated in the same way they have treated these poor defenseless animals! 

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