Phoenix's "Reverse Trayvon Martin Case" Is Nothing Like Actual Trayvon Martin Case

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Cordell Jude

Some media reports contend that a "reverse Trayvon Martin" case is about to be tried in Phoenix.

The thought is that national media outlets are ignoring the Phoenix case because the shooter, Cordell Jude, is black -- and that doesn't fit some sort of media plot. In reality, there's hardly anything the two cases have in common.

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-Cordell Jude Charged in April "Self Defense" Killing of Daniel Adkins

In this case, a man with a mental handicap named Daniel Adkins was walking his dog on the night of April 3, 2012.

As Jude was pulling out of a Taco Bell drive-through near 51st Avenue and Baseline, he nearly hit Adkins, who was walking on the sidewalk, before Jude slammed on the brakes in time, according to police reports.

Adkins began yelling at Jude, and Jude would tell police that Adkins hit his vehicle with a bat, pipe, or some type of object of similar size. Jude told police that he shot Adkins after he took another swing at him from outside the car.

Somehow, the pipe or bat -- or whatever it was -- apparently either vanished into thin air or Jude made it up, because there was no such object found anywhere near Adkins' body. Police reports note that Jude's car sure didn't look like it had been bashed up by a pipe.

Jude told police that he thought he was in danger but didn't think he was going to be killed, according to the police report. A witness driving in the car behind Jude in the drive-through line told police that he saw Adkins swing at the car, but didn't see Adkins holding anything.

Jude said he didn't just drive away because Adkins' dog was in the way, which is interesting, because police reports indicate the leash was still in Adkins' hand when he died.

To some people, this apparently sounds like the Trayvon Martin case, except the shooter's black in this one:


That gives way too much credit to Jude. No bloody photographs of Jude after the confrontationare going to pop up, and we don't remember George Zimmerman claiming he was being attacked with a deadly weapon that never actually existed.

There was no conversation with police dispatchers before the shooting. Jude wasn't following Adkins around.

The cases are hardly anything alike, except for the fact that an unarmed person was shot and killed.

The theory that this is a "reverse Trayvon Martin case" is pathetic, really.

Jude's second-degree murder trial is scheduled to begin next month.

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What is actually "pathetic" is the failure of some people to recognize that this case not only is worse--that is to say, more obviously a murder--than the Zimmerman case, but Jude's actions more closely mirror that of Trayvon Martin's "gangsta" rap.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Moral of the story: If someone ALMOST hits you with their car, don't try to attack them and beat on their car, they might shoot you!


But I am sure Mr. Jude did not have weapons permit. Just thinking out loud.


What I dont like is the fact your all ignoring the fact the guy killed was mentally handicap and I do hope the scum bag shooter rots in hell


Riots? Joe fan, you're an idiot. Shoot protesters? You're advocating murder. What a hopeless case you are.


Because "race" was never a part of the Zimmerman trial, the DOJ has no case against Zimmerman.  If the riots continue I urge the police to shoot any and all protesters.


Jude's claiming self-defense is bogus and the jury will speak loud and clear when they find him guilty of First Degree Murder.  But on the otherhand, Zimmerman's claim of self-defense is legitimate because his jury spoke loud and clear.


See Marley Lion....and countless other cases throughout the US. You don't have to go back more than a few years to find plenty of other cases that fit a similar profile. Also see the list of hate crimes that resulted from the Trayvon case. Media is the fuel for the hatred in this country and around the world. 


The Zachary Marco case would be a perfect example of the "reverse" of the Martin case.

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