Paul Babeu Claims He's Not Running for Congress in 2014

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"Studboi1"/Sheriff Paul Babeu.
Pinal County Sheriff Paul "studboi1" Babeu claims he's not running for Congress in 2014, despite a political consultant's poll reportedly showing that the embattled sheriff is the top Republican candidate in Arizona's 1st Congressional District.

"I want to make it clear to everyone that I have made a commitment . . . a promise to the people of my county to serve as their sheriff for the next four years," Babeu writes on Facebook (where he's published false statements before). "I shall honor my commitment and promise."

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In the supposed poll, 27 percent of likely Republican voters said they would pick Babeu in a primary race, which was a commanding alleged lead over the number-two candidate, House Speaker Andy Tobin, who had 5 percent of the votes.

Babeu dropped his candidacy for Congress in CD 4 last year amid allegations from his ex-boyfriend, a Mexican national whom Babeu's attorney threatened with deportation.

Now, it looks as though he won't run in CD 1 -- at least not before 2016.

Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick currently occupies the seat, and the National Republican Congressional Committee already has made it clear that it's targeting Kirkpatrick, as well as Democratic Congressman Ron Barber.

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babeu knows he can't run because more material is rounding that will send baboons political career to the trash, Including Shaun babeu, the justice of the peace in pinal county, when babeu and shaun were confusing people making similar websites for campaign. right paul / shaun ? shaun does the  people know nobody liked you, neither girls in MA, that you used your ex-wife to have kids, then trash her saying she was crazy? shaun ex-wife told paul, but protected shaun, even when he knew.  at the same time shaun protected paul allowing him to have as many guys in his berdroom in the same house with shaun, ex-wife, and two kids.


Paul Babeu a proven liar talking about his promises and commitments. Thank you Penis County for reelecting this STUD. Sexually Tarded Used Dick.

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