Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Remember When


At the end of the week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, several of our alleged offenders might remind you of the good ol' days, for one reason or another. Enjoy.


Charges: Assault, disorderly conduct
If only Cupid was a polygamist.


Charges: Assault, failure to pay fine
At what point is it no longer called "makeup," and it's just called "face paint"?


Charges: Burglary
This guy probably doesn't get a whole lot of, "No way, me too!"-type comments. We're also willing to bet the Diamondbacks' marketing department isn't too pleased with his choice of font.


Charges: Criminal trespassing, failure to appear
Today, we all learned that there appears to be some sort of Ron Jeremy "style" being adopted.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Axiom of Reality: Face / Neck Tattoos = Life Fail!


These people are ALL disgusting.  Ugh - how ugly can ugly be?


I like the david lee roth "thumbs up"on the last one!

wait IS that david lee roth???


Hey, I've got an idea.  Why don't we go down to the downtown transit center and make fun of people to their faces.  It'll be a meetup kind of a thing.  Here's what we'll do

-We'll all gather together,

-Matthew can think of a pithy comment about someone,

-Matthew will go up to them and scream in it their face loud enough for everyone around the transit center to hear,

-The rest of us will laugh hysterically and pile on with our own pithy comments.

That'll be fun won't it.  Never mind how it might make them feel, at least we'll being having a good time.


@JohnQ.Public Did 'Matthew' break your heart or something? Seems like somebody has a lot of aggression built up. 


@JohnQ.Public I guess I see this as more of a harsh reality check about the same as putting someone in a stock in the town square. Some public humiliation to hopefully make them think twice about what they did. Although I'd have to question the decision making process of someone who tattoos their face. Not much they haven't heard already  and most likely disregarded any useful advice long ago.

No I have never been arrested so yes I do feel a bit superior to them. 


I dare you or Matthew  to go up to any of the people in thse photos and say what Matthew has said to their face.  Chance are you'll get your ass kicked.  But it sure is easy for you or Matthew to be a tough guy making fun of them from your cozy office in front of your computer.  Wouldn't say it to their face? Probably shouldn't say it online.  Easy rule of thumb.  Just a matter of human respect, but I get it, you don't think these folks deserve any human respect.  Maybe that's who you are as a person;   maybe its a product of where you work - I have no idea.   I don't think its right, especially in print by someone who is supposed to be a professional, and I'm going to call bullshit on it when I see it. 


@JohnQ.Public Most of the peoplepictured lack the human decency that you expect in everyone.

When did you get paroled?


@JohnQ.Public You sure are needy


And what conclusion or baseless assumptions would that be?  That basic human respect requires a higher standard of decency than is displayed here?  Or that your comments suggest that you believe that these folks deserve to be made fun of?  We all make conclusions.  Mine aren't "baseless assumptions" - they are conclusions based on reading your comments over time.  Want me to change my conclusions - change your comments.


@JohnQ.Public I know..making jokes of bad makeup and bad choices in tatoos is incredulious. 

You jump to conclusions quite a lot in your comments on this thread...not becoming of an attorney to make baseless assumptions. You know, the whole "supposed to be professional" schtick...

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