Eggs, Ice, and Nudity: Local News Channels and Their Ridiculous Heatwave Stories

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But local news did not leave us wanting. They did, in fact, cook something in the sun. Channel 3 came to the rescue to prove that it's possible to cook an egg on blacktop. And at the risk of seeming cliche, Channel 3 decided it would cook not only an egg but an entire breakfast -- complete with hourly updates.


10 a.m: Air temp 102 degrees. Food laid out.

11 a.m: Air temp 102 degrees. Addition of potatoes and bacon. Egg whites evaporated, cookies gaining composure. Tomato soup and grilled cheese have made no changes.

Fast-forward to 5 p.m.

5 p.m: 115 degrees, ground temp 165.4 degrees. Final results -- egg is wilted, soup remains lukewarm, open potatoes stopped at half-browned, baked potato browned inside, grilled-cheese sandwich remained lightly toasted, cookies remained moist, popcorn did not pop, and bacon cooked fully (though it didn't taste as good).

A round of applause for Valley broadcast journalists. While cooling off over drinks at a downtown bar with a few local reporters, we decided that what we really want to see during the next round of heatwave stories:

Each local station will select one anchor to endure a day in a locked car until the sun sets. One bottle of water, one can of hair mousse, no way out. Stay tuned.

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