Literal Crackhead: Cops Find Piece of Crack Stuck to a Guy's Head

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Here's an easy way to identify a crackhead -- if a guy actually has a rock of crack cocaine stuck to his head.

Police say that's how 52-year-old George Figueroa was arrested for possession of a narcotic drug for the sixth time.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Phoenix police were conducting surveillance on a home near Second Avenue and Durango Street, where a search warrant had "recently" been served.

Since Figueroa went inside the house for about two minutes, before leaving on his bicycle, it appeared the residents were back in business.

Police asked for permission to search Figueroa, and he granted that permission, according to the documents.

Officers removed the hat from his head, and there was a piece of crack cocaine, stuck to his head.

Before officers could peel off the crack rock, it fell off his head, and landed in that baseball cap.

Police then looked in the hat and found some more crack inside the lining of the hat.

Figueroa was booked into jail on a narcotic drug possession charge. His arrest history includes aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia, too.

George Figueroa
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Cozz topcommenter

Jaffy, you should know better than to hide you crack like that.

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