Equality Arizona Supports Referendum Against HB 2305, Known as the Voter Suppression Law

Equality Arizona is endorsing efforts to let voters decide whether to keep a recently approved law that makes sweeping changes to the election process.

Protect Your Right to Vote, a political committee, is backing the referendum of HB 2305, a law opponents say suppresses voters ability to get on the ballot or cast one.

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The group must gather 86,405 valid signatures from qualified Arizona voters by September 12, 2013 to force an election.

Brewer signed HB 2305 into law on June 19, changing, among other things, the number of signatures required for a candidate to get on a ballot, the ability of political committees to collect and return early ballots and the terms for voters remaining on the not so Permanent Early Voting List.

"We oppose any effort to exclude eligible people from the political process," Rebecca Wininger, president of Equality Arizona, an organization that advocates for the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. "We believe our mission is better served when more people participate."

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I did sign the petition, not because I really give a shit (I do not vote through the early ballot and would like money not to spent on something most people throw in the garbage), but because I know others do.  I also think they passed this to further marginalize the non-white vote which I think is pathetic.

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