Jodi Arias Fan Accused of Threatening TV Anchors, Said He'd Gut One "Like a Deer"


A New York man who apparently is obsessed with Jodi Arias was arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies for allegedly threatening two nationally known TV anchors over the Internet.

David Lee Simpson, 48 -- who used multiple Twitter handles, including "DaveLovesJodi" -- allegedly made comments about slitting the throats of the unnamed anchors and said he wanted to gut one "like a deer."

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference Monday in which he justified detectives' travel to New York by saying a Maricopa County grand jury indicted Simpson on charges of stalking and computer tampering. Simpson threatened the anchors while they were in Phoenix, Arpaio said.

As usual, it was difficult to understand exactly what the case was about, because Arpaio doesn't really understand the whole Internet thing.

Arpaio -- who continued to refer to himself in the third person, as "the sheriff" -- said Simpson also threatened a local woman on "the Twitter."

According to Arpaio, this lady was "unhappy with this guy's Twitters" about the Arias case.

Simpson became infuriated with her and started sending messages to her "across the Twitters." It's unclear what happens when a message is transported all the way from one side of the Twitters to the other.

Arpaio's press team later clarified, "Simpson openly named and called out his intended victims, which also included a Phoenix woman who defended the commentator's coverage of the trial on Twitter."

All of the Twitter accounts of Simpson's we found have been suspended, but we did see one of his tweets about him being mad at Nancy Grace, who's presumably one of the two TV anchors allegedly threatened in the case.

According to the Sheriff's Office, local cops in New York pulled over Simpson after he quit his job and said he was leaving town, and police found several guns, shotgun ammo (but no shotgun), handcuffs, zip-ties, binoculars, a knife, and a police radio in the car.

He also had newspaper clippings in his car from the Newtown shooting, the shooting of four New York firefighters, and one of Arpaio's bestiality busts.

Arpaio added that Simpson is currently being transported to jail in Maricopa County but said he won't be meeting Arias -- "that's for sure."

David Simpson
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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Jodi has magic powers over men ...


I guess there R no more crimes on Maricopa County that the OLD FART now probably spends the whole time sitting on his fucking stinky fat ass, with Jaffy surfing the Internet looking for THE TWITTERS that could give him more camera time, spending the taxpayer's money by sending his goons all over the country and at the end nothing might happen to the alleged criminals.

That POS RACIST should B taken out of office on the grounds that he is no longer carryng his duties.....collecting a salary that he is NO LONGER EARNING while there R felons roaming the streets as they please. ARPAYASO NEEDS TO B PUT TO PASTURE AT HILLFOLKREDNECK'S HILL.


I wouldn't be upset to not have to hear Nancy Grace again.  Not that I condone any harm coming to her.

Why doesn't Arpaio go after CNN - and all the other network media - for the pain and suffering they've inflicted on us with their non-stop Arias coverage?


The old fart hasn't had any camera time for a while. Between tripping over his own feet and the recent tragedy in yarnell, there has

been no time for the flacid fool. What a joke.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Does this mean that Joke will bust the little clown boy that threatens people right here on the New Times "blogo-cater"?  He's easy to find at Burger King, either on break or cleaning toilets.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@RobAZ  that last bit is actually pretty damn funny..................................and fairly acurate

Cozz topcommenter


Not a chance, who else would give Bozo Joe blow jobs.

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