Is Cordell Jude the "Other George Zimmerman"?

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Cordell Jude's gun, according to what Cordell Jude posted on Twitter.

According to some people, Phoenix is home to the "other George Zimmerman," a label created by people who believe a Phoenix shooting last year was race-related.

The admitted shooter in this case, Cordell Jude, is black. According to one opinion from the Newsweek-owned Daily Beast, this is a "reverse Trayvon Martin" case.

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In this case, a man with a mental handicap named Daniel Adkins was walking his dog on the night of April 3, 2012.

As Jude was pulling out of a Taco Bell drive-through near 51st Avenue and Baseline, he nearly hit Adkins, who was walking on the sidewalk, before Jude slammed on the brakes in time, according to police reports.

Adkins began yelling at Jude, and Jude would tell police that Adkins hit his vehicle with a bat, pipe, or some type of object of similar size. Jude told police that he shot Adkins after he took another swing at him from outside the car.

Somehow, the pipe or bat -- or whatever it was -- apparently either vanished into thin air or Jude made it up, because there was no such object found anywhere near Adkins' body. Police reports note that Jude's car sure didn't look like it had been bashed up by a pipe.

Race was never mentioned in any way in police reports, other than as an identifying attribute.

Having read these reports, we noted that we didn't really see the similarities between this case and the killing of Trayvon Martin, other than a man shooting an unarmed person of another race.

We'll let you be the judge: Is Cordell Jude the "other George Zimmerman"? Would you call this a "reverse Trayvon Martin case"?

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Of course this isn't a "reverse": case--Jude wasn't being beaten by Adkins; he's just a cold-blooded killer.


It's similar in that poor choices were made by two people and one ended up dead.

It is dissimilar in that it appears Cordell's story is BS and there was no bat or pipe.  It also appears that Cordell doesn't like being called the irresponsible driver that he is and admittedly pulled out his gun not out of fear for his life but because someone was dissing him for almost running someone down.

The victim in this case made the mistake of doing more than vocally letting Cordell know he was an irresponsible driver and dialing 911.  Approaching another driver is a bad idea, just as it was a bad idea for Tayvon to approach Zimmerman.

Guns aren't the root cause in either case, getting angry and wanting to fight are.

But, as with the Zimmerman case, I'm willing to let a jury weigh the evidence and delivery a verdict as opposed to the justice by street riot approach some people favor.


How about reporting about Cordell Judes gang affiliations, his driving around two people who did a drive-by shooting, and his thug Tweets?

Everyone knows GZ's [George Zimmerman] face, maybe we should make sure the world gets to know Cordell Jude, from his own twitter page. @Cdell6mile_Jude


Sounds like run of the mill second degree murder to me. No stalking was involved, just a moron pulling out his gat to settle an argument. 

robert_graham topcommenter

The DOJ must investigate the Cordell Jude case for federal civil rights violations. That "N" shot that disabled Hispanic man in cold blood. Now I want to hear all the outrage and the same riots in the street as is happening in the Zimmerman case.

teknik topcommenter

So was the guy charged with a crime or did they let him go home?

The answer to this question is the answer to the articles questions.


@teknik He was let go for 3 months and 3 weeks until a Grand Jury indicted him

His bail was....released on his own recognizance.


@teknik No it isn't guy.  Cordell Jude was never physically assaulted, he is just a coward plain and simple.

robert_graham topcommenter

@Swoosh Not to mention a fucking racist.  he shot daniel Adkins because he is Hispanic. The DOJ must investigate.


And YOU'RE not? What exactly does "N" stand for? Don't you understand it is a vicious circle that you too are actively supporting? Remember "The Man in the Mirror?"

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