DUI Suspect Tells Cops She's "Glad" Firefighters Who Died in Yarnell Hill Fire Were White

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A woman who was arrested in Gilbert informed a police officer that she was "glad" the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the Yarnell Hill Fire last month, because they were white.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the woman, 58-year-old Merry Finley, also said that she is "happy when officers are hurt" -- and she was arrested for the second time that night for slamming a door into a cop.

Finley's encounter with police started around 10 p.m. on July 10, when she was pulled over near Warner Road and Gilbert Road on suspicion of driving under the influence after she was seen weaving on the road.

Police found a few indications of impairment and arrested her for DUI. While she was being processed at the police station, she became "extremely hostile" toward police, according to the documents.

She yelled at various officers there and added that she was "happy when officers are hurt," the documents state.

As a police officer was trying to release Finley into the lobby, Finley allegedly grabbed the door and slammed it into the officer.

"She struck me with the door directly after advising that she was glad that the 19 firefighters were killed in the fire because they were white," the reporting officer writes in a probable-cause statement.

Finley was then turned around and booked right back into jail, this time on a felony charge of assaulting a police officer.

Court documents indicate Finley has been arrested for assault "at least" four times.

Records also show that a 1999 charge of criminal damage was dismissed, but Finley was convicted in 1996 of "unlawful use of food stamps."

Merry Finley

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I wonder how her children fared in her house of hatred.


The comparison between muslims and trayvon supporters, really gives you some perspective on the mentality of both groups...

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Hating Cops is NOT a Crime!


What a warm, loving, kind human being. And Bull, your parents must be so proud.


This poor excuse for a human being needs to be enriched about what its like to work for a change. I suggest the court after she is found guilty, sentences her to work with fire fighters on a crew working on a forest fires so they can accidentally leave her in a situation where she can't escape a fire. And lets see how much she screams for white firefighters to save her while she burns alive.


Must be a slow news day when the musing of an obvious nut job makes it into this rag.

What next, some downtown homeless are going to be reportedly sure that Bush caused 9-11.

Cozz topcommenter



I'm always happy to be culturally enriched and I'd like to thank this merry lady for providing a bit of vibrant diversity.


How would Mary Finley feel if I told her that it is good Trayvon Martin was killed because he is black?  She'd probably throw a fit and yell racist. Maybe I'll show up at her court hearing and tell her that if she ever gets out of jail she should look at the web site http://therealtrayvonmartin.com.  I hope deputies have her housed in an all-white cell block and that her fellow inmates are aware of what she said about those firefighters.



Don't confuse a "nut job", ie someone who is mentally ill, with your garden variety drunk.

Merry was just demonstrating the effect of booze on inhibitions, once she gets boozed up she makes it clear that she is a racist.

valleynative topcommenter


Isn't it more newsworthy than a guy in Florida shooting somebody in self-defense.

This is a level of racial hatred you don't see every day.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@JoeArpaioFan  yes she would say you are racist, because that is beyond a doubt a racist remark. it would be a idiotic remark made by an ignorant twit..........just like her comment. why ask a question like that in the first place Robert? does it somehow justify racism in your tiny little mind? or are you trying to confirm that you are an idiot with questions like that? if you are.............we didnt need confirmation, we knew you were a ignorant twit all along

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