Bruce Miller, 73, Accused of Groping a Dozen Female Joggers in Ahwatukee

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A 73-year-old Ahwatukee resident might know just about every female jogger in the neighborhood -- because police say he groped a dozen of them.

The females -- 11 of whom are under age of 18 -- were running on Chandler Boulevard, down the street from Desert Vista High School, where they all ended up running past Bruce Miller, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

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A 14-year-old girl called the cops after Miller allegedly hit her on the butt as she passed by, and by the time Phoenix police responded, there were 11 girls there, ready to give officers their accounts of what happened.

There was one 13-year-old girl, three 14-year-old girls, two 15-year-old girls, two 16-year-old girls, two 17-year-old girls, and one 37-year-old woman, according to the documents. The 12th victim didn't stick around for police, the documents state.

One girl claimed Miller grabbed her breast, while two claimed Miller touched their thighs, and several said Miller grabbed their butts as they ran by, according to the documents. One girl said Miller touched her on her arm, which still qualifies as "unwanted contact."

The girls, while not running all together, were still close enough to the point that several girls witnessed Miller touch the others.

Miller didn't have an explanation for the cops -- at least there's not one provided in court filings. He did later tell pre-trial services workers that he has Alzheimer's disease, although that probably doesn't qualify as an explanation.

Miller has since been indicted by a grand jury on 12 charges, including five felony charges, and seven misdemeanors.

Bruce Miller
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Wayne C. Fox
Wayne C. Fox

He's benn charged with "assault with a dead weapon"


Is it just me, or do some older folks seem to think that simply being old gives them license to say or do anything they want, regardless of how rude or inappropriate (or, in this case, illegal) it may be.  I used to argue with my grandmother (who was in her '90s at the time) about this very issue and her attitude was that she's 90-something years old and didn't give a rats ass what people thought of her or her damn comment.   Of course, I don't think my grandmother ever grouped anyone either.   I wonder if Mr. Miller had come (wrongly) to the same conclusion.

Archie Bays
Archie Bays

Whoever wrote that tagline, I applaud you.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Maybe he was just falling down a lot losing his balance and needed something to grab a hold of.

Donna Miller
Donna Miller

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! what a Perv!!


@teknik I didn't mean to imply an equivalency - just a general comment - didn't mean for my comment to come off the way you interpreted it.  BTW, my grandmother not only never "grouped" anyone, she never "groped" anyone either.


@JohnQ.Public I get what you're saying.  My mother and my friends' mothers are all 80+ and they say things they would never have said when they were younger.  It's especially true that some people with various types of dementia are inappropriate in  many ways in public.  Slate even had a "how to handle" question about this recently in their advice column.  My cute high school-aged niece waitresses in an expensive assisted living facility and you wouldn't believe what some of the people say to her.  The men are often sexually inappropriate and some of the women are super-mean.  They were taught how to handle it in job training and mostly they just think it's funny.  They could get ejected from the home for touching, though, because it IS criminal. 

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