Lawrence Robinson, District 8 Candidate, Target of Political Attack

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Lawrence Robinson speaking at a campaign event.
Just in time for a round of political debates and candidate forums -- including one tonight -- an anonymous letter to the Arizona State Bar Association has prompted an investigation of Lawrence Robinson, a candidate in the race for a District 8 seat on the Phoenix City Council.

(Chicanos Por La Causa is hosting a forum from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center, 1375 East Broadway Road, with Joseph Garcia, director of Morrison Institute Latino Public Policy Center, as moderator.)

Robinson finds himself at the center of a political attack in this race against Pastor Warren Stewart, Kate Widland Gallego, Carolyn T. Lowery, and Luis F. Rodriguez.

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In this complaint, the unnamed writer says that he considers himself an "educated voter" who conducts thorough "research [on] each candidate's background." However, in his 35-page grievance statement, complete with 11 exhibits, this "educated" individual stops his research short of actually resolving the allegations he creates.

It doesn't seem that finding answers was this educated voter's goal. It makes for much better political fodder to tell would-be voters that your opponent is getting "investigated" by state officials.

This complaint largely accuses Robinson of "false legal representation" for listing on his résumé and other places that he served as a "staff attorney" for various organizations, including the Democratic Caucus at the Arizona House of Representatives.

Robinson passed the bar in New York but is not licensed to practice law in Arizona. Though he hasn't practiced law -- or claimed to have been a practicing attorney in this state -- this complaint says Robinson has engaged in public deception and tried to "induce others to believe that [he was] authorized to engage in the practice of law in this state."

And the complaint also alleges that he was practicing law for the Brooklyn Family Defense Project in New York before he successfully passed the bar exam in that state.

To "thoroughly" research the candidates, educated voter should have picked up the phone and called the Democratic Caucus to ask about Robinson's role as a staff attorney.

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Larry has been a friend of the family for many years, and one thing I can say is that these attacks are baseless.  As a person, he is one of the most honest, genuine, and hardworking individuals that I have ever met.  Considering the political world in which unfortunately live in, with partisan often trumping patriotism, I can honestly say, with no equivocations, that Larry would be a breath of fresh air as a City Councilman.  


Why would you ever think that the person who filed this complaint has any interest in the actual truth?  This looks like a clear political hatchet job and a clumsy and amateurish one at that.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Stewart is no different than the Taliban - using religious extremism to divide people and create an us vs. them climate - we are ALL ONE people.  Do not let these religious charlatans divide us with their religious crap.  We need honest politicians, not ones who use false piety to create mistrust of others.

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