What Is a Secure Border? Politicians Shaping Our Immigration Reform Bill Still Don't Know

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Even though our border is, by all measurements of the word, more secure today than it has been in the past four decades, politicians still argue that it isn't secure enough.

A new study postulates that there is no such thing as a "secure" border, because the definition of what that means has yet to be established, which seems like an import task now that immigration reform bill has passed the Senate and lies before the U.S. Congress.

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"There may never be 100 percent agreement on whether the border is 'secure,'" the Morrison Institute study says, "But if reform is going to pass and succeed, political leaders must lead on defining standards for border security that are realistic -- both in terms of how success is gauged and what actually can be achieved on a 1,969 mile long border."

The study, titled "Defining Border Security in Immigration Reform," says that political ambiguity in legislation like the immigration reform bill leads to speculation. And that those who would like to see undocumented immigrants remain that way, could abuse vagueness of the word to stave off the "triggers" that need to be met in order for citizenship to be granted.

Before immigrants get a chance at a 13-year path to citizenship, certain triggers have to be met, all of which are supposed to lead to less illegal traffic.

Legislatures have said they want a 90 percent effectiveness rate along the border (meaning their estimated success of stopping border crossings) and that they want "persistent surveillance."

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The best way to secure the border is with landmines plante in undisclosed locations with warning signs posted that say that attempting to cross illegally may result in your legs being blown off. 


As long as they consider the border to be 1,969 miles long, they'll be ignoring the increasing  numbers of immigrants who decide to come by sea or through Canada.  People come here for jobs.  Enforce the laws that prohibit hiring of undocumented workers, and most of the problem will be solved.


What we need to do is stop the US transnational corporations from raping Latin America for the natural resources and we need to stop the use of huge debt which keeps these countries poor. The US empire is the reason these countries stay poor and that is why the immigrants  come north.  They are simply following their money north.


Why should they actually care what it should look like?  As long as the chickenshit GOP response "I'll know it when I see it." is acceptable to the far right, it'll just be a moving target that they can blame on someone else for not hitting.  Leave it to Jan Dirt and her political friends to spray Pam on the penny toss plate at her carnival of fools.


@JAFFYBOOHOO, U sure make the RACIST 1 proud with UR criminal thoughts bitch. Remember that by the end of August U R going 2 B exposed cocksucker. IDIOT.

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