Would You Ever Believe That Jan Brewer's Actually Endorsing Immigration Reform?

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Due to Governor Jan Brewer's apparent inability to speak clearly, people were under the impression that she endorse the "Gang of Eight" immigration-reform bill, because she kind of, sort of, said she did.

"I think that what we're seeing taking place in the Senate is a victory for Arizona," Brewer said on Fox News over the weekend.

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She was actually talking about a planned amendment to the "Gang of Eight" bill, which has since passed, that calls for more funding for border fencing and agents.

Here's the thing: as Brewer loves to take credit for her signature on Senate Bill 1070, and sticking her finger in President Obama's face, do you really think she's endorsing immigration reform?

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Al Lovato
Al Lovato

Jan brewer doesnt even know what Jan Brewer is for or against until she reads it off a god damn card.

Mary Doe
Mary Doe

Easily. As soon as enough businessmen support anything, she will support it too. Billions spent on our answer to the Great Wall of China will be a huge drain on the country, but will benefit several Az counties.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@Al Lovato now i know you are lying Al, you and i both know she cant even read the Gin bottles she spends all day in front of. the hiccups blur her vision (well................at least thats what she claims blurs it)

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