Viri Hernandez, Undocumented Activist, Criticizes District 8 Candidate Pastor Warren Stewart For Stance of Gay Issues

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Phoenix New Times
Viri Hernandez
Viri Hernandez, a DREAM Act student organizer who has spent the last few years mobilizing Latino voters in West Phoenix, is criticizing Pastor Warren Stewart for his stance on gay relationships.

(The DREAM Act was intended to grant a pathway to U.S. citizenship for individuals brought to this country as children and who met certain criteria. Those undocumented youth who would have qualified became knowns as Dreamers.)

"Pastor Stewart claims to be a moral meter, a fighter for justice," she writes in an unabashed open letter to Phoenix voters. "Unfortunately, his brand of justice has invisible lines which end at same-sex marriage. A man who refers to same-sex marriage as a contributing factor to the "widespread dysfunction of marriage and family," as going "against nature," does not have a place leading the city of Phoenix."

Scott Phelps, Stewart's campaign spokesman, tells New Times that Stewart addressed his views on same-sex marriage early on in the campaign.

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Hey can I write a letter trashing someone and get in the New Times? I am sure Viri woke up one morn and said why don't I write a letter? Come on, sounds like she was promised something to do so. 

I don't see any news conferences or releases from our LGBTQ community of which I am a proud and open member of. I support marriage but guess what... that does not put bread on my table. 

Jobs do. And I want to live in a clean and safe Phoenix 

Lets picket his church if we are so riled up about the evil pastor. Don't expect me there though I have to work, along with my partner, to pay the bills.


@itsadryheat  You are "sure Viri woke up one morn and said why don't I write a letter?"  It's obvious that you don't know Viri,  and you are full of shit.  You make baseless assertions just like Pastor Stewart.

BoycottTheEvilPastor 1 Like

I think we should boycott the Church. Stewart is an evil man.He hates all.

WhyAlltheAngerMonica 1 Like

I ask sincerely why all the negative reporting on Stewart?

I do not read anything reviewing the other campaigns in District 8. As a voter, it would nice to read and have analysis their positions and vision for the future.  I am curious if you then are planning separate articles extolling the virtues/and discrediting of the other candidates. And yes, I am aware of the Robinson and Widland-Gallego campaigns specifically targeting you to pitch such articles.

 I am disappointed Monica.


@WhyAlltheAngerMonica  I would blame Pastor Stewart' own words for the negative reporting. Why does he want to scapegoat the LGBT community for "widespread dysfunction of marriage and family?"  He needs to apologize for this baseless and bigoted assertion. 

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