State Prison Inmate Files 328th Lawsuit, Demands $1 Trillion for Getting a Belly Ache

Dale Maisano looks at the sun.
In his 328th attempt at suing someone in federal court, state prison inmate Dale Maisano is demanding $1 trillion from the state of Arizona and others for a belly ache he claims was caused by eating prison food.

In a related lawsuit, he's seeking $10 trillion because he claims he got his food late two days in a row, and now he says he has "an eating disorder, etc."

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Maisano, 61, has served more than six years of a 15-year sentence for aggravated assault out of Pinal County, and is doing his time at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson.

Federal court records show Maisano has regularly filed lawsuits against government officials and entities around the state since 1991, and a U.S. District Judge entered a restraining order against Maisano in the summer of 1992, essentially banning Maisano from filling lawsuits without permission from the court.

Another federal judge wrote -- while throwing out yet another one of his lawsuits -- that Maisano's restraining order came due to "so often and egregiously abus[ing] the legal process," which is very clear.

Maisano has been submitting lawsuits at a furious pace over the last two weeks, with the current tally at 30, and half of those have already been closed.

According to his most recent lawsuit, filed on Friday, he claims he was fed a "non medical diet," on June 3, and it "caused cramps the whole night[,] which caused the plaintiff to lose the ability to sleep and wonder if they try to kill him."

Naturally, this is a trillion-dollar injury Maisano has sustained, he alleges in his lawsuit.

Check out the latest lawsuit below:

Maisano v. Canteen Correctional Food Services Incorporated et al by mhendleyNT

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Hey, what else is there to do in prison?  It's not like there is anything to "rehabilitate" inmates.  Not much in the line of educational opportunities either.  At least this way he is keeping up with his writing skills.  Better suing the government then being disruptive in the prison.  Maybe he can get a job writing legislation when he gets out.  Pearce might hire him.


Well the man is clearly tenacious, if nothing else. Writing all that crap by hand??!


When shurff joe beats jaffy with that 81 year old pee pee, jaffy shuts up.

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