Paul Goldschmidt's 14th-Inning RBI Lifts Diamondbacks Over Cardinals

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Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt hit an RBI single in the top of the 14th inning last night in St. Louis, which proved to be the game-winner in the second game of a four-game series against the Cardinals.

There's not much room to complain in a victory, but this game may have had an earlier ending were it not for an egregious blown call by umpire Jordan Baker.

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With a 1-1 score in the bottom of the fourth, A.J. Pollock homered with two runners on to give the Diamondbacks a 4-1 lead. Cardinals first-baseman Allen Craig homered in the bottom half of the inning off Tyler Skaggs, bringing the score to 4-3.

Paul Goldschmidt and Jason Kubel each hit in runs in the top of the fifth inning to increase the lead to 6-3, and Shane Robinson hit a solo homer for the Cardinals in the bottom half of the inning.

With the Diamondbacks ahead 6-4 in the bottom of the sixth inning, Carlos Beltran singled off Skaggs to start the inning, and tagged up to advance to second as Matt Holliday flew out.

Skaggs struck out Craig, and proceeded to throw three straight balls to Yadier Molina. On the fourth pitch, Beltran attempted to steal third, and Miguel Montero threw down to third, delivering the ball to Martin Prado's glove while Beltran still had a couple steps to go.

The tag was applied as such:


Baker, the umpire, called Beltran safe.

Molina singled on the 3-1 pitch, to score Beltran, although the inning should have ended on the previous play.

Beltran ended up hitting in the game-tying run off Matt Reynolds (the run was charged to Brad Ziegler), and the game remained tied at six, as the game carried on.

With two runners on in the 14th, and one out, Goldschmidt -- who's hitting .335 on the season, with the most RBI in the National League -- hit a ball right up the middle, as he's done over and over again this season.

Closer-for-now Heath Bell let up a lead-off double to Molina to start off the bottom of the 14th inning, but struck out David Freese, got Jon Jay to ground out, and struck out Pete Kozma to end the game.

In game three of the four-game series, Wade Miley takes the mound for the D-backs tonight against Joe Kelly.

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I love the D-Backs, BUT....the best bargain in baseball to be found anywhere in Arizona is at Bisbee's 104-year-old Warren Ballpark, where the Ironmen start their summer season tomorrow at 4 p.m., hosting the Las Cruces Renegades. Why watch baseball under a roof when you can sit outside in mid-70s temperature drinking Copper City Ale from the Bisbee Brewing Company, eating hot dogs and brats, watching good-quality baseball in a park where Billy Martin duked it out with Clint Courtney back in the summer of '47? The core of the Ironmen comes from Cochise College's crackerjack baseball team, which just finished their season taking third place at the Junior College World Series. Find out why Bisbee folks call Warren Ballpark the Real Field of Dreams and travel back in time to watch baseball the way America experienced it in the good old days. Check out the Bisbee Ironmen at their website and Facebook page, and learn about historic Warren Ballpark (America's oldest multi-sport facility) at and on their Facebook page. And wait! There's more! If Doug Stanhope's in town, you and the umpires and opposing team will all be in for a TRULY memorable experience. 


Umm...the umpire that made the bad call was Jordan Baker, not Angel Hernandez.  But, you know, why let pesky facts get into the story.


It's refreshing to see Paul Goldschmidt assuming the role of being a TRUE leader on the team, as opposed to the manufactured leader that Justin Upton was supposed to have been. In fairness to Upton, he seems to be a pretty good guy and he has streaks of good hitting, but he is one of the worst defensive players I've ever seen at the major league level. Goldschmidt leads by example and he doesn't see the need to throw or break things when he makes mistakes or gets a bad call at the plate. He is also on the verge of having a Gold Glove season at first base. I don't see Upton having to clear his mantel for such an award, ever. 

I just hope the D'Back's marketing team doesn't do something equally stupid with Goldschmidt while trying to sell tickets.

Also, someone needs to tell the umpire that dumping used gum on the playing field is not only disgusting to whoever has to clean it up, but it's also potentially unsafe for the players on the field. He could easily have walked to the dugout and thrown his used gum in the trash between innings.


@Tommy_Collins Right-on with your gum comments. That's just piggish by Baker.

In all fairness to Upton, he was annoited the next great thing when he was brought up at age 19 and that's got to be tought to live up to and a lot of pressure. Defensively he wasn't much worse than most other big hitters that are put out in right field with the hope that the ball doesn't find its way out there. My big beef with him was his seeming inability to hit with runners on or in clutch situations.

Most importantly, though, it was nice to see this team show some late-game heart and win a difficult one. I don't know that last year's D'Backs would have played as hard for as long as this team did last night.

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