Mexican National Smuggling $1.6 Million Over the Border Discovers Dogs Can Smell Cash

Straight cash.
Today in Found at the Border: A Mexican national trying to smuggle more than $1.6 million out of the United States discovered that dogs can be trained to sniff out cash.

Cosme Barcelo-Quijada, a 56-year-old with permanent resident status who lives in Yuma, broke the record for the most cash seized in an Arizona smuggling attempt, and is now short exactly $1,660,210, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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According to a federal complaint, Barcelo-Quijada was driving into Mexico through the port in Nogales with the cash concealed in a Toyota Tundra pickup.

The U.S. currency was found in a custom-fabricated compartment on the roof of the truck, as well as in the area between the dashboard and the firewall.

Barcelo-Quijada didn't declare any amount of cash over $10,000 while attempting to cross the border, according to the complaint.

Federal court filings don't indicate where authorities believe the money came from, or was going to, but Barcelo-Quijada faces a federal charge of bulk cash smuggling.

Later on Sunday afternoon, CBP made a less-impressive cash bust, as the agency says 34-year-old Nogales, Sonora, resident Jose Luis Verastica-Muno, who was also headed into Mexico, was found with $14,000 cash in his waistband and dashboard.

Both alleged smugglers' vehicles were seized, in addition to the cash.



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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

   ... When $$ is Outlawed, only Outlaws will have $$


The dogs are actually alerting on the drug residue on the cash...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

It's not the mules who are out the million plus bucks. It's whoever hired them to move it. These guys will learn their real fate after they're released from federal prison. And remember, pendejos, that the cartels never forget.

ExpertShot topcommenter

Everyone knows that you're supposed to use coffee to disguise the odors from dogs.  Hermically sealed in cans with coffee is the only way to avoid detection.  And you BETTER process those cans in boiling water after sealing them.  Oh, and spray the whole load with a light coating of W-D 40 to mimic smells from the manufacturing process.


I guess neither did the idiot who built the custom cash carrier. Or the person who stuffed all that cash in there. Dogs can be trained to sniff out hundreds of things.

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