Marijuana or Gay Marriage: Which Is More Likely to Be Legalized in Arizona?

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Gay marriage and legal marijuana possession are two things that probably haven't stood a chance in hell against Arizona voters over the last few years, but two groups are thinking now's the time for their issues.

Last week, a group calling itself "Safer Arizona" filed its paperwork for a marijuana-legalizing amendment to the Arizona Constitution, and now, there's a group called "Equal Marriage Arizona" that wants marriage to be defined as a union of two people.

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A recent poll of both issues found that a majority of Arizonans found both. The Behavior Research Center poll from May found that 56 percent of Arizonans supported legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, and 55 percent support legalizing same-sex marriage.

Still, both groups have a long way to go -- they need to get 259,213 signatures by July 2014 to get on the ballot, and then they'll need majority support at the polls.

Which one do you think is most likely to be legalized come November 2014?

Cast your vote below:

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valleynative topcommenter

It will be much easier to get pot legalized than gay marriage, at least at the State level.  The feds will still stamp their feet and try to pretend that they have the authority to ban it.

I'm no longer surprised when some hard-core religious right co-worker or acquaintance mentions getting baked and watching a movie, etc, although they'll get apoplectic if you mention gay marriage or abortion.


Does it really matter? Even if the citizens of Arizona pass both, the state will simply ignore the vote and continue its 'normal' way of doing things.  It's happened before; why should this time be any different?


I would love to see both pass.

Not only because it makes goddamned sense, but also just to see the heads explode of the conservatives that run the state.


If Arizona was ruled by humanity, instead of ignorance and intolerance, both would pass.

C'mon Sarum, thump that bible.


@HaddieNuff  It is hard to believe it happens ,but it does. I wonder when the mayhem will start in Wa. and Co. over mj legalization ?


@shadeaux14 ALEC, CCA and state gets too much revenue from MJ being illegal and business projects too much loss from making gay marriage legal.  So regardless of what is the right thing to do for the people - people don't count - supposed favorable business environment counts as perceived by idiots in power who haven't had anybody dare tell them the truth in decades.  As for you last comment - just wow - you have no clue what I believe.  


@royalphoenix It won't.  Not that fact has anything to do with what gets screamed about on certain media outlets. This is especially true on the internet, where many people still haven't learned that not everything posted on a net site is true. 

Legalization of MJ would be the smart thing to do.  It could be taxed, it would seriously damage drug cartels, and it would free resources that could be used in a more effective manner. 

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