Maricopa County Mugshots of the Week: Clownin' Around

At the end of the week, we bring you a roundup of visitors to the desert's own Fourth Avenue Jail. To be considered for our Maricopa County mugshots of the week, get arrested, strike a pose, and we'll take care of the rest.

This week, all of our alleged offenders look like clowns -- figuratively, for the most part. At least one just literally looks like a circus clown. Enjoy.


Charges: Assault, failure to appear, probation violation
No doubt, brother. Here's a tip for the kids: Don't approach anyone with a face tattoo, no matter what it says.


Charges: Assault
Nice purse.


Charges: Shoplifting
Looks like we caught someone in a game of did someone just fart, and was that someone me?


Charges: Shoplifting, failure to appear
♫ In the midnight hour she cried "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried "more, more, more"
In the midnight hour babe "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried "more, more, more"
More, more, more. ♫

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robert_graham topcommenter

All lowlifes!  I'd like to take some sandpaper to their tattoos.


"Failure to pay fines" . . . back to the criminalization of poverty i.e. debtors prisons of the mid-evil Euro nations - you know, those prisons whose populations became the white slaves of the Americas and Australia - for those enjoying the show - please consider what this portends for our very near future - and classy (tic) journalistic voyeurism creates the condescension necessary to make you just as complicit as all those "innocent" Germans of a lifetime ago.  Drip drip drip . . .   The tattoos are a wonderful statement to the 1%.  


Hard to tell if  #1 is male or female. Anyway what's wrong with its lips ?


So, Matthew, you just couldn't give this shit up, huh?  And you were doing so well for so long. 

shadeaux14 topcommenter

Number 1 is what I imagine Stinky Finger Jan looks like first thing in the morning.



@JAFFYDUCK. Careful Jaffy, might B UR mom U R talking about. BTW, that # 1 looks like her. Don't U think so? U R A CRACK BITCH.


@yourproductsucks No, I enjoy a lot of the articles and stories that Matthew writes.  I'm just not big on kicking people when they're down.  I also recognize that for many people where they start in life dictates where they end up - I was blessed to have lots of opportunities early in my life but I recognize that not everyone was as blessed - including many of these folks.  I also recognize that some of the craziest photos on here are likely of individuals with serious mental illness and/or serious drug addiction - both of which can be devastating.

That being said, I also don't think highly of MCSO who publishes these photos of pre-conviction as if it were some sort of Nathaniel Hawthorne Scarlet Lettter  - dedicating a webpage to mugshots like Arpaio and Co. do is just one marginal step up, if at all, from the town square stockades of 200 years ago. 

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