Lobbyist Group Going for Its 36th Anti-Abortion Law: Surprise Abortion-Clinic Inspections

The local lobbying organization best known for its fanatical anti-abortion proposals has finally come around with some anti-abortion legislation, after staying quiet for most of the legislative session.

CAP apparently has Republican Representative John Kavanagh on a leash, since Kavanagh introduced the strike-everything amendment allowing surprise inspections of abortion clinics, and tries to prevent Medicaid money from "indirectly paying for abortions," as the lobbying organization puts it.

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This amendment made it through its first trial -- the House Appropriations Committee, where Kavanagh's the chairman -- and would be the 36th anti-abortion law the lobbyists have gotten passed into law in Arizona, if that ends up being the case.

(Two of those laws have been overturned by courts, and three have lawsuits pending against them.)

Of course, this is the same lobbying organization that claims pornography "has been linked" to rapes, child molestations, and serial killers, and claims "homosexual activists" are "attempting to indoctrinate [children] into embracing homosexual behavior," among other weirdo things.

CAP held a rally outside a Phoenix abortion clinic on Friday, announcing that Kavanagh and Senator Nancy Barto would be sponsoring the legislation.

Kavanagh, who took up CAP's fight to criminalize the use of the "wrong" bathroom by transgender people, is the obvious choice here for CAP.

The bill proposes letting the state Department of Health Services show up and inspect abortion clinics whenever they want. This has been tried before, but a federal appeals court overturned the 1999 law, saying it was a violation of Fourth Amendment rights. You'll never guess which lobbying organization takes credit for that 1999 law (yes you will, because it's called the "Center for Arizona Policy").

A legislative calender shows the bill's set to be heard on the House floor tomorrow.

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Arizona Center for the Taliban. Advocates of religious police. Advocates of government regulation of personal reproduction decisions. Arizona Center, biggest terrorist organization in Arizona next to the NRA and the Goldwater Institute. Arizona citizens, your opinion means nothing in this State, only these three groups count among the one party dictatorship in the Arizona legislature.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

How many employees does CAP have? What is their annual budget? Does CAP receive any public funding? Are they a 501(c)4 org? Anybody know and is such information available for public scrutiny?

valleynative topcommenter


Their web site says:

Center for Arizona Policy is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To ensure our financial accountability to you, we are a certified member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). All contributions are used to promote the sanctity of life, protect and strengthen marriage, preserve our religious freedoms, and support all the work of Center for Arizona Policy, Inc.


@valleynative @eric.nelson745 i thought there was some group or person trying to get them audited by the I.R.S. , this C.A.P. is such that is the reason the law of the I.R.S. was made for ,,

they DO try to get laws passed as lobbyist , yet do none other then play on the state senate and house floors , and even dance with Brewer  . Cathy Herrod  must be dealt with by the I.R.S. 

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@valleynative @MandyMountain @eric.nelson745  

I don't think anyone can deny they are doing 'charitable work' - that's not the issue though.

Where does it say that 'charitable work' is not also political? That's where they run afoul of the 501(c)3 status and why the IRS needs to be involved.

valleynative topcommenter

@MandyMountain @valleynative @eric.nelson745  

You've got to try to see their point of view, if you want to be effective at fighting them.

In their view, they're using donations to save the potential lives of potential babies and to save actual existing children from being indoctrinated into homosexuality.  I think they're also working to save the sanctity of marriage from the horrors of same-sex marriage

It all seems a little silly to rational people, but from their perspective, they're doing "charitable work".

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