Black Activist Jarrett Maupin: Jeff Flake's "Half-Assed" Apology for Son's Racism Not Enough

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Jarrett Maupin II
Phoenix African-American activist Revered Jarrett Maupin II wants Senator Jeff Flake to do more than issue a "half-assed" apology for his teenage son's racist comments on the Internet.

As you can imagine, Maupin was not at all pleased to hear that Flake's son used the handle "N1ggerKiller" in an online game, and casually used racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks on his social media accounts.

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"I do not accept the Senator's apology," Maupin tells New Times. "No one Black I've spoken to today accepts the Senator's apology."

Flake's apology came in the form of a canned statement sent to inquiring media outlets.

"I'm very disappointed in my teenage son's words, and I sincerely apologize for the insensitivity," the statement said. "This language is unacceptable, anywhere. Needless to say, I've already spoken with him about this, he has apologized, and I apologize as well."

Maupin says he's calling for Flake to meet with Black leaders to "help his family better understand the black community" -- a request that seems pretty appropriate about now.

Maupin's been critical of Flake representing Black Arizonans, especially after he discovered Flake's family roots in slavery.

It's fairly well-known that Flake's great-great-grandfather William J. Flake crossed the country and eventually settled in what's now known as Snowflake, Arizona, doing jail time for polygamy in the process. There's also William J. Flake's father, James Madison Flake, a guy who owned one of the fist Black Mormons, Green Flake, as a slave.

The Senator's clearly quite removed from slavery, but Maupin's always been weary, especially given Flake's support of the South African government in the '80s, with its apartheid system.

"There's something terribly wrong with that family in regards to their understanding of race," Maupin says, later adding, "Apparently they didn't get the message . . . Black folks have dignity."

On the same token, Flake's son also made a lot of homophobic comments, including a lot of usage of the word "faggot."

Jeff Flake's second-cousin, Kent, is gay, and was featured in a 2010 New Times cover story about Republican Congressman Matt Salmon's gay son, who was in a relationship with Kent.

Kent declined to comment on the issue.

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Black Activist = Hero of a people .

White Activist = Automatic 'Racist' tag .....

WTF !!!???!!!


Never understood why African Americans would join a cult with specific limitations for their participation and pay for it as well.  But I do give the the Mormon hierarchy their street credit.  Those bunch of hucksters got it flat going on.  Every so called "sin" they supposedly shun in the flesh they are flat out greenback invested.  Being Mormon means actively perfecting the art of ventriloquy.  People are so taken by the skill they fall for the Okee-Doke.  However the Mormon Church is my financial planner.  I put my money where they put theirs.  I don't cheat on my taxes.  I Mor-mon my taxes.  Thanks for the lessons Jeff Flake.


"weary"???  How about "wary?"

South African Krugerrands were openly sold in AZ and openly advertised in AZ Republic.  The whole state was ignorant.  Can't blame it all on Flake.  Show me.

ExpertShot topcommenter

I'd love to hear Revvvverrrund Maupin take the kids playing basketball near my house to task.  It's a constant barrage of "nigger this" and "nigger that" and "spic that" and "wetback this", and that's 30 kids, black, brown, white, asian and whatever, all saying it at the same time - LOUDLY!  Do I need to record it and post it to twitter to get his attention?  It is NOT okay to say those words ANYWHERE - and if we want to talk about that we can.  But if the right revvverrund is going to make exceptions for black kids to say "nigger" and brown kids to say "wetback" then that is just bigotry in reverse. I'm not saying it's right to use that language, I'm saying it is WRONG anytime it is used - and yo mama should have taught you better - but maybe she was "too busy" to teach her rug rats manners!   I'll leave you with a popular hit song of the day, perhaps Revverrund Maupin will call up the artist and demand a meeting - LOL!

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I can smell the hate on your breath Jarrett. Grow up and move on.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

I'll be honest, the racial slurs arent the bad part for me. granted i dont like hearing them (especially from a kid), but they are something we hear people use daily (that still doesnt excuse them though), but the part i found disturbing was the fake suicide video. the racial slurs may be a cry out about poor parenting or poor choices of social groups and even may be a cry that the kid needs a good role model..........but the suicide video???? tell me one other time or place that wouldnt be a big neon sign saying "THIS KID NEEDS HELP". the racial slurs may be a sign of disregard for others, but the suicide video is showing disregard for even your own life. the other thing i find strange about it all is the fact that the video is 2 years old and none of his family, friends or even Flakes PR team found this earlier. that a 13 year old kid would make and post a video like this is pretty sad, that nobody took note of it and got him help is pretty goddam disgusting


What is Dad going to say when the kid comes home with a bunch of lumps on his head?


This is legally a child just discovering the world and learning.  No these days one does not need to learn this talk at home.  It is all over.  Dad probably had no clue.  Kind of like how little kids talk incessantly about sex (thanks to the culture at large) but when they start getting old enough to actually engage they suddenly get very quiet.  Much to do about nothing.  

If you want to call this a racist state go right ahead.  I have a closet of clothes my Mexican kid won't wear because if the white T's are too long he will get beat by the blacks.  If he wears those "white" graphics he will experience likewise from that direction plus lose stature from Mexican homies so . . . this is a community wide if not nationwide problem which is why I think mandatory ethnic studies along with government mandatory classes are the only sane thing to do.  Not to brainwash with PCorrectness but to teach each child critical thinking skills; how to determine privilege, how to determine if something truly was a racist event and so on - to be done in a manner that allows people to learn and grow vs. being tarnished falsely for a lifetime (and therefore disqualified from everything.)  Yeah I know, some people find that disqualifying delicious but THIS IS A MINOR CHILD.  

If anything, the actions of Jarrett Maupin will permanently create exactly that which he currently is complaining about.  SHUT UP JARRETT!


I would love to see one of you hillbilly pieces of white trash say it to someone in person. You talk a tough game on your keyboard, but you're just a noodle armed pansy who couldn't count to ten if he was wearing sandals. Better yet why don'tcha go stand on a street corner somewhere around 7th Ave and Baseline and start shouting those slurs. Then you'd really give the mortician some work. If they managed to figure out what parts of you aren't permanently embedded into the pavement.


Why would Jarrett Maupin II think that having a meeting with Jeff Flake "to help his family better understand the black community", why would he think that this would make a lick of difference to Flake or his family's views? And I'm sure a lot of people think that Flake and his son are racist twits and I'm equally sure that they don't give a rat's a$$. Flake has already apologized for his son's despicable behaviour. Let it go, Mr Maupin, unless you want to look even more pathetic and whiny than you do already.


You know things are being blown up to ridiculous proportions when both Jarret Maupin gets involved and the New Times is talking about Jeff Flake's great-great-great Grandfather owning a slave in the early 1800's.


Them there dad-gummed Lamanites is up to their old tricks. 

jonnyquest topcommenter

For those who don't know. Until 1978 LDS (Mormon) church policy excluded blacks from the lay priesthood. Blacks could be members and were expected to tithe (donate 10% of their income). But full privileges (such as being married in the temple) were not extended. "You can ride the bus, but you gotta sit in the back." The reason was that blacks were believed to be the seed of Cain. In 1978, their Prophet had a revelation that called for full membership. Official policy today has no racial barriers. Gays however are still excluded.


Maupin needs to apologize to Phil Gordon for falsely accusing him of committing crimes.


When are we going to get an apology from Maupin's father for Maupin's criminal acts?


Flake belongs to a political party which promotes racism and intolerance and he represents a racist state. Big surprise that his son is a racist.

Question for "Reverend" Maupin'

What Seminary or College of Divinity did he attend to earn the title of Reverend?


Shouldn't this spearchucker be on the east coast?  Ah dohn noht akcept hiz appologee. lolz.


Nobody owes this idiot who is Sharpton's new protégé an appology!


Why is there not outrage when black or Hispanics call white people derogatory names?  ENOUGH!!!  Blame the kid, not his dad!


@jonnyquest Apparently, Jeff Flake's family never got that "Revelation" memo.

I worked with several people who had "Revelations" only we didn't call them Prophets, we called them Schizophrenics.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@jonnyquest Yeah, like their President and Chief Revelator (I think that right, or almost) went out, dropped some acid and had the appropriate revelation from G.O.D. He needed to do something, and fast, because the LDS youth weren't having any more of that Cain and Abel bs.


Between alehound the joearpaiofan it's easy to see how these kind of attitudes prevail. Thanks for chiming in cracker mofos. Better hope some of what alehound calls 'spearchucker(s)' don't figure out where he lives. IP addresses are easy to find, and from there...


@JoeArpaioFan So your dad had no influence on how you turned out? I'm guessing he's relieved to find that out.


@marcy @shadeaux14 Nah, he was calling himself "Reverend" shortly after he graduated from high school. 

What he really is is an opportunist trying to make a name for himself by exploiting Black People,


@burt @JoeArpaioFan All I'm saying is the kid said it not the dad.  Sen. Flake apologized so what more do you want, race riots?  Stop making a big deal over something that it isn't 


@shadeaux14 @marcy 

Has he ever actually worked for a living?  I get the impression he puts on his act to make money.  Didn't he agree to shill for Crazy Amy for a paycheck?

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