Jan Brewer's Medicaid Expansion Plan Passes Legislature

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Governor Jan Brewer
Despite the outcry from the state's far-right-wingers, Governor Jan Brewer's plan for Medicaid expansion plan now only requires her signature to become law.

While it certainly seemed odd that Brewer would embrace a part of "Obamacare," months after shoving her finger in President Obama's face, she was able to focus more on the fact that it's apparently in the state's best financial interest to insure some more poor people -- a point that didn't catch on with some Republicans.

Reports from the governor's office indicates that Brewer's plan expands eligibility for the state Medicaid program, AHCCCS, to an additional 240,000 lower-income people, and will also keep insuring tens of thousands of people -- many of them children -- whose coverage might be cut come January 1.

For that result, the state gives up $150 million to get $1.6 billion in matching funds from the federal government in 2015, the first year the plan is fully implemented.

The so-called "conservative" alternative proposed by state House Republicans would cost much more -- again, according to Brewer's office -- as the state previously got a waiver from the federal government to freeze Medicaid enrollment, but that waiver's expiring at the end of the year.

So, Brewer will take credit for the Medicaid expansion, but don't forget the deadly Medicaid cuts Brewer's overseen in the past.

Brewer's press release on the approval of Medicaid expansion can be seen here.

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Good for Gov. Brewer...didn't vote for her, haven't liked her...but she did the right thing...what's good for AZ.  I especially luv the smack-down she gave the AZ-GOP braindead legislators...WAY TO GO!


And Gin Jan continues the "paving" on her way for a third termn. Now is just matter of waitting 4 a little while, then conduct a poll asking the predictable question: "What do U think about Guv. Brewsky's medicare expansion"? "Would U vote 4 her if She decides to run 4 a third termn"?. Find out how many gullibles moves to Her side, if everything "clicks", is time to go under the radar again, untill the next move is "coordinated".



DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Arizona DESERVES this wretched bitch.


We will need it for the flood of wannabe newly documented.  Its not for long term unemployed citizens.  Would love to see some investigative journalism on how that last group is faring medically.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@mrh0202201091  nothing really, i just think the part that gets to people is Ginny Jan. i for one am actually surprised she knuckled under a little for it. it pains me to say it, but, Good for the Sea Hag (still dont like her though)

valleynative topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay  So you feel as if you deserve her, or are you not living here?

She's an idiot, but her actions regarding health care have made sense at just about every step, which makes me suspect that she realizes her limitations in this area and is listening to good advice.


@sarum I think I can help with that:  The American healthcare system is the most expensive in the world - by miles, figure an extra Trillion dollars a year.  It also produces the worst health outcomes of any developed country; babies, children, young adults die faster in the US than anywhere else that's not really poor.  

All of that by very wide margins; Japanese for instance live six years longer than Americans.  Babies born in Sweden or France are half as likely to die as babies born in the US.  And all of that has been getting worse and worse for at least 50 years.

It's because a majority of Americans do not have consistent and sustained access to appropriate health care.  Medicaid for 6% of the population of Arizona will make a dent in the problem; a very small dent, but at least a tiny step in the right direction.

But it's not Latinos who are doing the dying.  The US Census Bureau 2010 projections for life expectancy at birth in years:

White males      76.4  White Females     81.1

Hispanic males 78.4  Hispanic Females 83.7

The CDC reports the Hispanic infant mortality rate is 6% lower than the US average.  

Somehow Latinos stay healthy in spite of limited access to health care - maybe from staying sharp and out of Arpaio's clutches.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@valleynative ... and who -- exactly -- elected that wretched bitch to office?

Who elected -- and re-elects -- Joe Arpaio to office?

Arizona DESERVES the Politicians it Elects -- ipso facto.


@bobunf They go to the Yerberia.  The Oriental (far eastern) population of AZ has best health over all.  They have their own herbarias - Chinese traditional medicine.  Whites have done the most adapting culturally over last couple of centuries - abandoning traditional culture/ religion/ medicine for the promise that was America.  IDK about Europe but similar - promise of equality & liberty through impartial gods of math and science.  Tradition was labeled "primitive."   Now "whites" have to borrow if they find modern medicine isn't working so well for them.

AZ Republican business people who want to pay sub-human wages with no benefits gall me to no end.  They want everything  FREE FREE FREE!  They want their human capital to die rather than have health insurance or have the government pick up the ball.  They are disgusting.

The Latino population is only healthier temporarily.  The more they embrace contemporary medicine and buy into the total American dream - including the institutionalization of the population through addictive foods in the public school system - their health will falter as well.  For reasons such as this I support embracing and maintaining traditional cultures.

We need single payer.  I have had friends and co-workers offer comparisons between nation of origin and US costs.  We are being victimised here in US on a grand scale.  Also here in AZ much experimentation is done on population at large - and now in some cases insurance will even pay for it!  WOW!


He covered state of Maine ditching Obamacare and what really happened.  



@sarum @bobunf Sarum, you do know that life expectancy in China, Mexico, Nigeria, Costa Rica, etc,, where they have much less benefit of "math and science" is much, much lower; infant mortality much higher, and maternal mortality much, much higher?  Don't you?

Mythology and superstition about "traditional" "herbal" remedies results in more dead people.

Latinos in the US are on average healthier than Anglos because many are self-selected for health (crossing the Sonoran desert) and because on average Latinos smoke less.  Asian access to health care in the US is generally higher.

There is a direct and very obvious correlation between access to "math and science" based health care and not dying young.  Thus countries that very fully engage "math and science" based medicine do far better than countries that do not:  For example: 
Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Iceland, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Norway, Greece, Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland, Jordan, South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Denmark  Ireland, Taiwan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Lichtenstein and some others.

If you want a life that's nasty, brutish and short - like in the old days of "traditional" "herbal" nonsense - ignore what we've learned (from using the languages of mathematics and science).about how biology actually works.

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