Jan Brewer Called an "Ally of Obamacare" -- Is it Really Surprising?

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Photo by Matthew Hendley
Governor Jan Brewer
Right next to what you would expect to be a story about hell freezing over is a story with the headline "Arizona's Jan Brewer becomes unlikely ally of Obamacare" in Politico.

Seeing as Governor Jan Brewer has signed budgets that call for cuts in Medicaid coverage (remember the transplant debacle?), and joined in on the lawsuit seeking to stop the Affordable Care Act, her defense of Obamacare -- or, at least, her acceptance of the law's Medicaid expansion -- might seem surprising.

Brewer seems to fancy herself as the anti-Obama, as evidenced by her sticking her finger in the President's face; although that wasn't healthcare-related, it was Obama-related.

But now, it's become pretty clear at home and across the country that Brewer's very serious about her Medicaid "restoration" plan, and she seems to have a pretty good shot of having her plan passed by the Legislature.

This plan also has the super-right-wingers crapping themselves, as evidenced in this video below (a somewhat coherent conservative opinion can be found here):

The thing is, Democrats and Republicans alike tend to be fans of "free" money from Washington, so at the end of the day, are you really surprised that Brewer's being called an "ally of Obamacare"?

Cast your vote below:

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valleynative topcommenter

She's doing this because the feds collect taxes from Arizonans and offer to give some of that money back to the State if we will comply with their wishes.

It's really the same as using tax penalties to coerce citizens to participate in Obamacare.   The only Constitutional powers they have over us are the power to tax, to conscript into the military, and to regulate interstate commerce.  They pervert the power to tax to expand their power beyond the Constitution.


If anybody thinks that the WITCH FROM THE WEST  is doing this out of concern for the well beign of the childless adults and people that could be re-enrolled on this program (AHCCCS), think again. She is probably doing all this to pave Her way to run for a third termn on 2016, trying to get sympathy that could earn votes in Her behalf, and Her handlers knows this very well, that's why probably They've been advising Her to do it, no matter what. 

To me that's exactly why she is doing all this, even pisssing THE RIGHT WINGERS, keep in mind that there's is a lot of money at stake here comming from the Feds, money that could server Her very well on the upcomming campaing for Her running for that third termn, and part of it could end up on Jan's Pac funding. I know that somebody is going to say that 2016 is far away, but this way people can be put in key places as I think that that's what They've been doing for quite a while, flying under the radar so not to alert the oposition.

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