Fox News Seems to Think Arizona Looks a Lot Like Arkansas

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One of several times this graphic was displayed.
If you're a Fox News viewer, you may have noticed that the Supreme Court apparently ruled against a voter ID law in Arkizonasas earlier this week.

A few people who have seen a map of the United States before noticed that Fox ran a graphic of "AZ" during a segment on Arizona, although that graphic labeled "AZ" is the state of Arkansas.

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Fox isn't exactly on a roll with Arizona issues, as you may recall the network showed a suicide outside of Phoenix on live TV back in September.

Somehow, the folks at Fox managed to miss their error on the Arizona/Arkansas map, as it showed the same graphic later on Monday during Shepard Smith's show.

via @MichaelFelts

A Media Matters post from a couple years ago shows this certainly isn't the first time that Fox News employees have completely failed to label maps.

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valleynative topcommenter

It's pretty disgusting for a news organization to make this mistake and not have anybody catch it, but I think we all know that most of you couldn't tell Iowa from Ohio without labels.   As a nation, we're not very good at geography.


Just confirms my thought that the brightness button on the TV doesn't work for Fox News. I recently put a child channel lock on Fox News so my father in law can't switch to it when they visit.


The Supreme AI (Artificial Intelligence) is only as good as it's programmer.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

ROFL!!! It's Faux news, what do you expect


Hell, Herman Cain is still trying to figure out where the Hell Uzbeki-beki-stan stan is.

WhoKnows topcommenter

You're being too hard on Fox.  They have never claimed their talking heads or viewers knew anything past 3rd grade geography.

valleynative topcommenter

I assume that whoever grabbed the graphic thought that "AR" was Arizona, so what's really surprising is that they got the abbreviation correct on the overlay.  I'll bet they originally had it as "AR" and somebody noticed that the label was wrong, but failed to notice that it was the wrong outline, too.

I guess if you turn Arkansas sideways, it sort of looks like Arizona.

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