5 Valley Bank Robbers Wanted by the FBI -- and Their Disguises

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Bank robberies seem so blasé these days -- the creepy man walking into the bank, handing a note to a teller demanding money, and taking off before cops arrive.

But so much more goes into it: what to wear, how to conceal your face, and how to haul away your loot. Styles vary, and there is some creativity involved, as we discovered on www.bandittrackerarizona.com, an FBI-sponsored website. Check out how five Valley bank robbers caught on camera tried to conceal their identity.


Perhaps a gentleman bored with retirement? Short on cash? Whatever his backstory, this 50- to 60-year-old man decided to go with the ball cap and sunglasses to mask his identity.

Not the best disguise, but he was low-key with a pair of loose blue jean shorts and untucked button-up shirt (likely to help conceal the gun he reportedly had stuffed down his shorts) a pair of sneakers. And, he smartened it up a bit with a brown leather binder that subtly says "I'm not here to rob you."

Oh, but he was.

About 11 a.m. May 16, he walked into a Comerica Bank at 925 North Dobson Road in Mesa, displayed his weapon, and demanded the teller stuff his binder with cash. The teller did and he took off in a mid-size silver or light blue SUV.

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From page 4:

"...He had a get-away driver since he was seen jumping into the passenger seat of a blue/green or grey/green sedan..." - Monica Alonzo

  Which does not mean the so called get-away-driver has any clue what this guy was up to.  Dude could have said to the person driving the car "I need to go to the bank," which is not the same thing.

  By the way, was New Times purchased by a police agency or something?  This rag is starting to seem rather suspect.

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