Nineteen Firefighters Dead in Prescott-Area Yarnell Hill Fire; Eighth Deadliest Fire in U.S. History

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Nineteen firefighters are dead in a Prescott-area wildfire that's forcing the evacuation of two towns.

Nineteen wildland firefighters are dead in the Yarnell Hill Fire, a blaze that's forced the evacuation of dozens of homes in two Prescott-area towns and left the state grieving.

The firefighters were caught in the fast-moving fire and forced to use their portable shelters, media reports say.

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-How 19 Firefighters Died Battling the Yarnell Hill Fire

The epic scale of this tragedy can't be understated: It's the eighth-worst fire in U.S. history.

The Yarnell Hill disaster is even worse than the Great Fires of 1947 in Maine, a list of deadliest fires from our sister paper, the Denver Westword, shows.

The fire apparently ties a 1956 oil refinery fire in Texas for the fifth-worst day in firefighting history. Not since the 9/11 attacks have so many firefighters lost their lives in a single day.

Yarnell, a quaint little mountain town about 30 miles north of Wickenburg off State Route 89, and Peeples Valley are being evacuated, fire information on the web shows.

We'll be hearing a lot more about this in the days -- and years -- to come.

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Just terrible. Where were the ch-46s to fight these type of fires that pop up every summer in the rocky mountain states ? Oh wait, they are in Afghanistan or some navy ship floating in the IO or the med, or sitting idle at  the 400 plus military bases outside the US. Lay these needless 19 deaths right at the feet of republicans and democrats. peace 


Sympathy and prayers to the survivors of these brave men.  And notice that they were ALL men.  No women were placed in harms way.  Men still do all the dirty dangerous jobs while women tackle real estate, HR, banking.  you know the vital work.

Next time some harpy complains about 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, remember these 19 heroes.


What a tragedy!  Thoughts and prayers with the families of those young men who lost their life today.


@Patriarchy_works Hate to burst your misogynistic bubble but the picture they have been showing of the crew that was lost shows one woman in the front row.


My deepest sympathy to the brave firefighters who were lost and to their families.


@shadeaux14 @Patriarchy_works Becuase Dear, men still do the dirty dangerous work that women shun while complaining about their victimization.  Men risk their lives, women won't risk their nails.


@Patriarchy_works @marilee.cornelius You say "men still do the dirty work" and yet there are MULTITUDES OF EXAMPLES of women doing the exact same "dirty work", including the link I showed you, which is, indeed, relevant.

You're just a troll; either that, or you're just hopelessly dense.  My comments are more for the benefit of others.  

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