Earth to Phoenix Pot Dealers: Selling "Medical Marijuana" on Craigslist Not the Greatest Idea

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Despite the fact that Arizona has a medical-marijuana law, that law does not turn a neighborhood weed dealer into a bona fide medical-marijuana salesman.

This apparently comes as news to several Phoenix residents, as a New Times review of superior court filings shows that police have busted several dealers over the last few weeks, and were discovered by police because they offered "medical marijuana" for sale on Craigslist.

While there's certainly an argument that it's petty for cops to bust a transfer of marijuana between patients, it's not the brightest idea to make a Craigslist post highlighting that your "top shelf medicine" is $90 for a quarter-ounce, and $150 for a half-ounce. Of course, those are "donations," not "prices," the weed salesman will state in a losing argument with police.

This is what police refer to as a "lead."

Whether the "compassion club" model is legal -- in which donations to the club will get you "free" medicine -- still seems to be a gray area, as they're still being busted by some Valley police agencies here in 2013.

However, just acting as a regular weed dealer, but selling your "medical marijuana" for the price of "donations" probably won't keep you out of jail.

In one example, on June 5, officers contacted the poster of a Craigslist ad "advertising medical marijuana available for donation[s]," according to a court filing.

Through text messages, 34-year-old Phoenix resident Joshua Hulse and a police officer agreed to meet in the parking lot of a Walgreens at 35th Avenue and Union Hills, and exchange marijuana for money -- yeah, the "donation."

Police pulled him over after the transaction, and he admitted to meeting patients for these exchanges.

The report specifically states that what Hulse did was illegal due to the exchange of money for marijuana, but that's not the only problem police ended up finding. According to court filings, police found that Hulse had more than a pound of marijuana, and nearly $5,500 in cash. Additionally, police allege Hulse had a small bag of meth in his backpack.

Hulse was booked into jail on three felony drug charges.

Consider yourselves warned, weed salesmen (yes, you, saying you "don't negotiate" the prices of the donations).

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those of you who are making fun or insulting these people should stop because to many patients their heroes since dispensaries charge at least twice as much for lower quality marijuana and it is inconvenient to drive to them as many patients are  unable to travel far due to there disability and they are only selling to those who are registered patients it is especially hard now for patients since they made cultivation of marijuana illegal if you live within 25 miles of a dispensary  so along with other medical bills it is impossible to live a normal life. Just for a second imagine being in constant pain that is so strong that you can barley stand or even sit comfortably in a chair how are you superpose to get your meds than. The original idea was to have a string of caregivers that would grow and than sell meds at low prices to the local patents but instead it had to become more of a business aimed toward recreational users who can buy an 8th every few weeks without a problem instead of the sick who need 2 oz a month to survive. It enrages me that the few people that are actually trying to help patients are arrested and treated like criminals and than there act of kindness is picked apart here for you to make fun of them just so you can feel better about your life witch was already better than any of these sick people in most cases. Finally they are in no way hurting anyone nor are they getting rich so why not just let them be and go stop some violent criminals that are causing damage to society on a daily basis. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Stupid Stoners are as Stupid Stoners do!



I'm all for legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use but advertising on Craigslist is just plain dumb. Every LE jurisdiction in the country knows about Craigslist and periodically goes through it, including the feds. Advertising on Craigslist is just begging to be caught. If you're stupid enough to paint a target on your back you deserve to get busted. And having meth on you when you're doing this? I have no sympathy for the monumentally moronic.


Why don't the police go after people who do horrible crimes and stop spending money on the "victimless" ones. There are some very bad things going on in Phoenix every day, things that hurt people and tear families apart. I'm not saying these dealers are right, they probably aren't, but money in AZ seems to be spent on the wrong things. You got some pot off the street, but I know of child molestation cases you dropped because there was just too much legwork. Marijuana isn't more important than the safety of our children, not as far as I'm concerned anyway. I would like to see more work done on violent crimes or even drugs like heroin. There are plenty of lives ruined by hard drugs like that as well, and it's scary how big a problem that is. If I spot the heroin dealers in grocery parking lots I'm sure the cops could spot twice as many. These people are breaking the most petty of laws in my opinion, you'd be doing the community greater service giving speeding tickets. People need to see this marijuana thing for what it is, publicity. Hot topics are great and get attention but so does saving lives.


Prohibitionism is intensely, rabidly, frantically, frenetically, hysterically anti-truth, anti-freedom, anti-public-health, ant-public-safety, and anti-economy.

An important feature of prohibitionism (which it closely shares with fascism) is totalitarianism. That means: a police state apparatus; widespread surveillance, arbitrary imprisonment or even murder of political opponents, mass-incarceration, torture, etc.

Like despicable, playground bullies, prohibitionists are vicious one moment, then full of self-pity the next. They whine and whinge like lying, spoilt brats, claiming they just want to "save the little children", but the moment they feel it safe to do so, they use brute force and savage brutality against those they claim to be defending. 

Prohibitionists actually believe that they can transcend human nature and produce a better world. They allow only one doctrine, an impossible-to-obtain drug-free world. All forms of dissent, be they common-sense, scientific, constitutional, or democratic, are simply ignored, and their proponents vehemently persecuted.

During alcohol prohibition (1919-1933), all profits went to enrich thugs and criminals. While battling over turf, young men died on inner-city streets. Corruption in Law Enforcement and the Judiciary went clean off the scale. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have been far more wisely allocated. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally, in 1929, the economy collapsed. Does that sound familiar?


A green card is nice, but today as before, discretion is the better part of valor.


@timdlittle  LOW HANGING FRUIT!  They don't have to WORK to catch marijuana users.  These Pot Warriors, LIVE on what all it is they CONFISCATE from you if you're so unlucky to be caught.

@valleynative  to your comment below....  No, but when you're WASTING Taxpayer $$$ and REAL crime is happening while you're filling out your paperwork for a simple possession charge?  Does that REALLY make sense?  There's (approx.3-4 hrs.) of time, in which a Police Officer's taken AWAY from his beat.  Does it make "Economic or Civic Sense" for us to CONTINUE this War on Pot?  Hell, they're so PARANOID about cannabis becoming LEGAL, they're all scrambling trying to figure out how to LEGALIZE it, yet still BUST us for having any remnants of the plant ON or IN us!  They're trying to figure out how to restrict the supply of Cannabis in the community, while funneling ALL the $$$ to the Pharmaceutical Industry!  If they KNEW how to do that now, they'd BACK OFF of their efforts to STOP it.

valleynative topcommenter


If an outfielder catches a fly that was hit right to him, is he being "lazy"?

Failing to catch the easy ones is called "incompetence" in police work as well as in baseball.


still, lazy. still..outside state law. a lot more good work could be done with state money.


@DonkeyHotay @timdlittle to bad it's still really not going y'alls way. stick with taking down the meth and heron dealers. would love to see some progress in that.


@valleynative @timdlittle The problem with that is....The pop fly rule is no longer in play In Arizona. total legalization is next. Now that's what I call a "curve ball".

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