Doce Fire Near Prescott 10 Percent Contained

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The Doce Fire burning northwest of Prescott is now 10 percent contained, authorities said this morning.

Although only part of one neighborhood was evacuated Thursday -- while previous evacuations remain in place -- officials are estimating that the fire is seven miles northwest of Prescott, which is a mile closer than previous estimates.

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The estimated size of the human-caused fire is 6,732 acres, which is a few hundred more than was measured on Wednesday night.

The exact cause of the fire hasn't been pinned down, but investigators aren't thinking it's natural.

The neighborhoods that had been evacuated were Granite Basin Homes, Black Jack, Camp Anytown, Sundown Acres, Cielo Grande, Old Stage Acres, the south half of Mint Creek Wash, and American Ranch. Thursday, evacuations were ordered for the rest of the Mint Creek neighborhood.

Here's the information for today, from the Arizona Division of Emergency Management:

Firefighters are making good progress around the entire fire, constructing line directly up against or at a safe distance from the fire's edge. Crews have secured the heel of the fire on the southwestern edge and have established dozer line on the north and northwestern flank. Last night, crews conducted burnout operations help keep fire behavior from becoming established in ridges that align with the winds.

Today, firefighters will continue structure protection in all evacuated subdivisions, continue line construction, and prepping lines for burnout operations.

Today will be hot dry, and windy again. Crews are anticipating fire behavior to increase in the afternoon.

The estimated cost of the fire-fighting effort so far is more than $2.2 million.

Doce Fire

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ptcgaz topcommenter

so far all that Fox is talking about is the cost. Who gives a crap, unless you want people's homes to burn down due to an illegal act caused by what sounds like a legit cause.. IE illegally shooting.. 

ptcgaz topcommenter

the cause of the Doce fire is human caused and the point of origin is in an area that is used for target shooting,. At least according to KPHO5 , 

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