Diamondbacks Win Two of Three Against Reds; Paul Goldschmidt's Tear Continues

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Photo by Jim Louvau
Jason Kubel got the walk-off hit on Saturday.

Paul Goldschmidt's ass-kicking just doesn't seem to end.

Goldschmidt got at least one hit in each game -- including two home runs on Friday -- and set up a walk-off win on Saturday, as the Diamondbacks won two of three games in a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds at Chase Field.

On Friday, Gerardo Parra led off the bottom half of the first inning with a homer, and Willie Bloomquist singled home two runs off Reds starter Johnny Cueto in the third.

Wade Miley gave up a solo bomb to Jay Bruce in the fourth, and was pulled in the fifth after giving up the tying run.

No worries -- Goldie took Cueto to opposite field, and landed one just to the right of the pool.

Cueto was knocked out of the game later in that inning, and the Diamondbacks were able to but up a 7-3 lead against the Reds after five innings.

Zeke Spruill pitched a scoreless inning of relief for his D-backs debut (he came over in the Justin Upton trade), and with one out in the sixth inning, Goldschmidt bombed a homer, for insurance purposes.

Were there not a batter's eye in center field, that one would've landed on the concourse, at an estimated 447 friggin' feet.

The rest of the game wasn't too tough for D-backs hitters, as the team won 11-5 on Friday.

On Saturday, Patrick Corbin went for his 10th win -- again. He still wouldn't get it.

Corbin gave up a solo blast to Bruce in the second inning, although Corbin -- who hit a two-out double in the sixth inning -- would score after Parra homered, giving the D-backs a 2-1 lead.

Corbin left the game after eight full innings of work, and Heath Bell promptly issued a walk, and the pitch that turned into a go-ahead homer for Bruce.

Down 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth, Paul Goldschmidt earned a lead-off single against (very) hard-throwing closer Aroldis Chapman, who came in for former ASU stud Mike Leake -- who also went eight innings.

Miguel Montero earned a walk, as did Cody Ross.

Jason Kubel ended up winning the lefty-on-lefty battle with Chapman, a bloop single to right field that let the Diamondbacks walk off winners.

Yesterday, the Diamondbacks got in a similar situation, but couldn't execute at the end.

After Reds starter Mat Latos struck out 13 D-backs, he was pulled in the eighth inning after giving up a single run, off a Miguel Montero single.

The Reds had scored four runs early off Randall Delgado, so the Diamondbacks were now trying to overcome a 4-1 deficit off Chapman in the bottom of the ninth.

With two outs, Cliff Pennington singled, and was able to score as Wil Nieves got a pinch-hit single. Gerardo Parra was hit with a pitch -- nearly in the head, with a 99 mph Chapman fastball -- but Willie Bloomquist, representing the winning run, hit a ball right at Shin-Soo Choo to end the game.

The first-place Diamondbacks now head east for a 10-game road trip, starting with three games against the Washington Nationals, with the first game on Tuesday. Trevor Cahill will be taking the mound against Geo Gonzalez.

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matt.hendley like.author.displayName 1 Like

@JohnQ.Public  Third time in last four starts that's happened to Corbin (1 ER, 2 ER, 1 ER), each a no-decision. They even won the game he gave up 4 ER.

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

@matt.hendley  I usually have a hard time feeling badly for highly paid professional athletes, but after the effort and results that Corbin has put into his last 4 starts I actually feel badly that he didn't get the win - like he's snake bit (pun intended) or something.


@JohnQ.Public If it's any consolation, he did get bailed out of the game that he gave up four runs in five innings against the Dodgers, and was on the hook for the loss in that one, which actually ended up going 12 innings.


@JohnQ.Public Very true. You have to wonder how much of Putz's problems were due to the injury. We'll have to see how he is when he comes back from Reno, because, you're right, Bell's not the one. Early in the year, I thought they should have given Hernandez a try, but it looks like that would've been a big mistake too... 

JohnQ.Public topcommenter

@matt.hendley That he did.  It's pretty nice to be able to talk about a D'Backs pitcher's worst outing and it only be 4 runs.   Now what do we do about the closer.  Bell is obviously not getting it done and JJ wasn't lights out before his injury ( 5 svs/4 blown svs)

JohnQ.Public topcommenter like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

Nice weekend against a strong NL Central team.  Feel badly for Corbin who should've picked up the win Saturday after pitching 8 great innings - but I'll still take the win.  The Goldy-Votto match-up created some interest as well for two starterss vying for All-Star election at first base.  D'Backs are now 7-6 against NL Central teams so they are holding their own against the class of the NL so far.

Bnbk like.author.displayName 1 Like

@JohnQ.Public We had the pleasure of catching the game,fantastic game,makes for a great oppurtunity to spend quality family time......I feel Goldy should be starting in the All-star game ,hands down. Goldy is a top notch player who doesn't seem to be getting the recognition he deserves..........Great center piece to build around,now if they can aquire some quality closers to help the pitching rotation.

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