Councilman Sal DiCiccio Makes Call for Lobbying, Ethical Reforms Despite His Lobbyist Ties and Campaign Irregularities

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Can someone get Councilman Sal DiCiccio a towel?

The District 6 representative is dripping in irony after his latest call for "significant reforms" at Phoenix City Hall, including "ending lobbyist nepotism and implementing policies to end personal ties between elected officials and their staffs."

Perhaps DiCiccio forgot about his own very close "personal ties" with union-boss-turned-lobbyist Billy Shields, with Shields' wife, Lora Villasenor, and with Shields' brother-in-law, Joe Villasenor?

Aside from his ironic bluster, there appear to be irregularities in DiCiccio's campaign, including that one of his city council aides is coordinating with a Phoenix-area Tea Party to pepper District 6 neighborhoods with pro-DiCiccio literature.

DiCiccio hasn't yet returned calls for comment.

DiCiccio, who is a vocal critic of unions these days, doesn't mention that former firefighter union boss Billy Shields worked hard behind the scenes to get him appointed to the Phoenix City Council when then-District 6 Councilman Greg Stanton left office to take a job with the Attorney General's Office.

And DiCiccio hired Lora Villasenor as his top aide during his first stint on the council back in the mid-1990s. She also worked on his 2009 election campaign when ran to hang on to the District 6 seat he'd been appointed to.

Joe Villasenor, Billy Shields' brother-in-law, is a director of Citizens Protecting Tax Payers, an Arizona corporation that DiCiccio formed in 2011. And Villasenor was still onboard when the paperwork was last updated in January.

And though DiCiccio is blustering about ethical reforms, the corporation he created has come under fire because he transferred to it all the campaign contributions -- more than $120,000 -- he'd raise to fend off a recall election against him.

That recall election never went anywhere, but it didn't stop DiCiccio from reaching out to corporate giants in Phoenix and pocketing pretty significant donations.

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i find it rather odd they complain Sal and lobbyist when a candidate for governor was a politics


The City Lost revenue Sal !  The face-off was held at the Grace Inn and hundreds attended !  The Grace Inn is on a County Island..... It's not even in the City of Phoenix.  Who did the Math? 

Sal and Karlene please hold your debates in the City Limits and help City Revenue and the Business Community in District 6 your running for. 

What a blunder, the owner of the Grace Inn has deliberatly avoided getting annexed into the City of Phoenix for 30 years.  Yet if they have a fire, the City of Phoenix will save their asses for FREE !  But district 6 candidates Sal and Karlene choose to support this scab-like hotel freeloader.


Sal DiCiccio, Arizona's Leading Piece of Shit.  Sal, The City of Phoenix Employees would like to tell you to go fuck yourself for taking away their pay (the one's out their busting their ass every day) while backing the City Manager with theirs.


Isn't DiCiccio also in the pocket of the Goldwater Institute?  Basically being their mouth piece and puppet on the Phoenix City Council?


Nice work reporting...this is why we need FEECIA ROTELLINI for A.G.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Will Sal tell us why his people ILLEGALLY put up campaign signs LONG before they were allowed?  They started going up in April, for an election that was just called for August, and signs can only be up 90 days before the election.

Seems Sal and Ethics are like water and oil.

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