Bumbling Buddies Give Meth to Stripper; Stripper Did Not Want Meth

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Vernon Henry, the alleged meth-giver.
Like mother always said, nothing good ever comes of handing a bag of meth to a stripper at 2 a.m. on a Thursday.

Friends Vernon Henry and Michael Clawson did not heed this advice while at Cheetahs Gentleman's Club in Phoenix last week, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Henry and Clawson -- who had made it almost six whole weeks without getting arrested together for allegedly having drugs -- were out on the patio with one of the "dancers," when Henry just handed over a bag of meth, the strip club manager told police.

That stripper did not want a bag of meth, and management got the cops involved.

Sure enough, court documents indicate that this incident was caught on tape, and the bag of meth was handed over to police.

Michael Clawson
So, police asked Henry's pal Clawson if they could search him. He said yes, which was the wrong answer if he wanted to get away with having another bag of meth in his pocket.

Cops found his meth-bag inside a box of small cigars that was in his pocket, according to the court documents.

Both men denied having anything to do with any meth found anywhere, and Clawson actually blamed Henry for the meth found in his pocket.

The men were booked into jail on drug charges.

Court filings show Henry already pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in the case yesterday.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Can't get any action at a sleazy strip club with free meth in your pocket = Epic Fail!

Rob Boyte
Rob Boyte

What a waste of law enforcement and money to support more prisoners - just so we can hold the world record of having more ppl in prison than any other on the planet. They should just legalize drugs so the inflated market in them will drop out. Prohibition is proven to NOT work.


It's about time Cheetahs cleaned up their act. Stopped going there last year for just this reason. Guess its time to go back for a visit and a cold one.


everyone knows that you offer them blow, not meth


How does she know she doesn't like meth until she tries it?  She sounds very closed minded.  And it is very impolite to refuse a gift from a gentleman caller.  To get the police involved is down right rude.

david_saint01 topcommenter

there is no stripper/client confidentiality lol 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Rob Boyte ... Just Legalize It !!

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