Ben Quayle Got a Job

Photo by Matthew Hendley
Ben Quayle and wife Tiffany.

Despite (false) claims that Obamacare killed all the available jobs, in addition to burdensome government regulations and red tape, former Republican Congressman Ben Quayle has found gainful employment.

Quayle has joined the Clark Hill PLC law firm and will be the "Senior Director in the firm's Government and Public Affairs Group," according to the firm, which sounds a lot like "lobbyist."

The announcement was made by another one of the firm's attorneys, Charlie Spies, who ran the pro-Mitt Romney "super PAC" Restore Our Future, also known as "the largest super PAC in history."

Voters gave Quayle the boot from Congress last year after his first term, as Quayle decided to attempt a primary battle with then-freshman Congressman David Schweikert in Congressional District 6.

The other option for Quayle could have been to run in CD-9, where he likely would have defeated the eventual Republican nominee, Vernon Parker, in a primary. That would have put him against now-Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, who ended up beating Parker by about 4 percentage points.

A statement from his new law firm makes Quayle's stay in Congress sound a lot better than it was:

While in Congress, Quayle was a member of the Committee on the Judiciary, and Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property. He also served on the Committee on Homeland Security, and the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. During his tenure, Quayle quickly gained the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He was instrumental in passing patent reform during the last Congress. In addition, he focused on regulatory reform that would make American companies more competitive in the global marketplace.

The most memorable moments of Quayle's brief career in Washington were probably on the campaign trail, including the memorable ad from his first run for Congress, in which he stated, "Barack Obama is the worst president in history."

His former gig writing for just never went away, and his last campaign involved an apparent scandal about congressional skinny-dipping in Israel.

Between all that, Quayle -- who promised to "knock the hell" out of Washington" -- managed to complain about President Obama with some regularity. To his credit, one of his bills -- about penalties for people who make tunnels under the border -- did get signed into law, which is more than guys like Congressman Trent Franks, who hasn't gotten one of his bills inked by the president in his decade in Congress.

One of Quayle's former staffers is now the campaign manager for Republican Congressional candidate and former ASU quarterback Andrew Walter, who's looking to defeat Sinema next year.

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Well I am impressed. He will make more money than me, figure out a way to pay less taxes, and have a job where he doesn't product shit but I get to pick up his mess. Just another ass stain who wishes he had bid higher for AAARieholes ratty ass arm sling.

I do know Joe has a secondary infection and his white blood cells aren't working so well. The poor man, hero of Maricopa County may actually be suffering. So sad, I hope Candy Thomas gives him some flowers.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Why didn't he go go back for writing for "".  That would be a more respectable job.

ExpertShot topcommenter

You Republicants sure can pick em!  This is your problem, you always vote with your gut and not your mind.  The facts are that we are the wealthiest nation on earth, but we don't act like it.  We get people like Quayle who cowtow to the rich and pass laws which benefit them and make them richer - at the expense of the middle class.  How much money do you have to have anyway?  Ain't nobody gonna "win" this game - we all will die in the end.  The trick is to make it as comfortable for as many people as possible and increase the total intelligence of the planet so we can continue our "adaptation" game to keep up with the whatever this quickly changing universe throws at our little spaceship we call Earth.  The way the Republicants want it, is to create a permanent poor underclass that is dominated by the weapons and prison industry.  I'm with the Dems, let's spread the wealth around - the rich are obviously not using their wealth wisely!


I guess maybe his urban cachet as Maupin's "N****" actually did have some value after all, then again, the stinkin' rich are ALL Teflon Dons.


What ? a dish washer ?


Who the hell would really hire this idiot  (potato chips ) ? I wonder if daddy had something to do with it .

Maybe they need someone there as a comic relief , when everything slows down.


@ExpertShot I agree and disagree - plenty of Dems also want the corporate pro-business anti-human almost free labor.  I believe both parties work against people and for corporations.

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