Three of Four People Killed in Mid-Air Plane Crash Were Flight Instructors, NTSB Says

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Three of the four people killed in a mid-air plane collision north of Phoenix late last month were certified flight instructors, according to a preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report.

The NTSB report says the planes were on a similar path the morning of May 31, before they both made turns toward one another and collided.

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"Both airplanes executed their turn simultaneously," the preliminary report says. "Shortly after each target completed its turn the paths of both targets intersected."

There were no survivors, and the collision was seen by another pilot, as well as a man riding his bike, who both called authorities to the crash site near New River, in the north Valley.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman told New Times the collision occurred around 10 a.m., about 15 miles west-northwest of the Deer Valley Airport.

The NTSB usually takes several months to determine the probable cause of accidents, and this preliminary report was just released yesterday.

Paul Brownell and Basil Onuferko, both employees of TransPac Aviation Academy, were aboard one of the planes. Hot Air Expeditions president Margie Long and project manager Carl Prince were in the other plane.

A statement from Hot Air Expeditions identifies Prince as the certified flight instructor, and Long as his student.

Prince had been providing flight instruction to Long since August 2012, the statement says.

All the details released by the NTSB can be found on the next page:

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"This thing happened in perfect flying weather, where "see and be seen" is the rule. Apparently these guys weren't such hotshots as the flying school would have you believe."

Carl Prince was an experienced and competent instructor and having been trained by him for a British commercial licence I can attest that his airmanship and general attitude towards disciplined flying were in no way lacking. Thanks Carl. - BC


Since obviously your statements are built upon ignorance I encourage you to research the following in an attempt to educate yourselves:

-Unrestricted airspace and the radio requirements adhered to when operating and aircraft within.
-The wing locations of the Piper and Cessna aircrafts and how this may adversely affect visual determination of aircraft location.
-The freedoms given in our great country to have independent political beliefs, as referenced in Amendment One of the United States Constitution.

More than likely, however, you will respond with more hatred and ignorance in an attempt to establish importance to your lives via article comment feeds. Unfortunately for you, I will not be checking back to see read your more than likely idiotic statements so instead of responding to this I ask you to reflect on the following:

-How you, your family, your loved ones or your children would feel reading such statements about you in the eventof your untimely death.
-How generalized, slanderous statements encourage hatred, judgment and anger in our society.
-How instead of adding to the problems in our world you can be positive force for good.

May God bless you and your families, that you will never have to experience the pain of the loss of young life. We pray for you.


I hope that the people killed were liberals.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

This thing happened in perfect flying weather, where "see and be seen" is the rule. Apparently these guys weren't such hotshots as the flying school would have you believe.


Were they teaching terrorists? Why would they teach anybody how to be involved in an accident and kill yourself?

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