Massive Brawl Erupts During Arizona Diamondbacks 5-3 Loss to the L.A. Dodgers

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Screencaps via MLB Video
The Diamondbacks and Dodgers do the man dance last night in L.A.

While Ian Kennedy hasn't delivered many wins this year with his pitches, the Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher certainly sparked off the most unforgettable moments of the season and made headlines across the sports world with a certain 92 m.p.h. fastball he tossed last night against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Kennedy plunked LA's Zach Grienke near the opposing pitcher's noggin with the heater during the seventh inning, causing both team's dugouts to empty out onto the field at Chavez Ravine and engage in a gigantic rage fest and brawl.

It was one of five back-and-forth beanings from Tuesday's game and caused all the bad mojo that had been simmering to boil over. Expletives were bellowed, seething fury was unleashed, punches were thrown, and a close to a half-dozen were ejected.

Oh, and the Diamondbacks also lost 5-3 to L.A.

All the beanings and brawling made for what will likely go down as the most infamous game of Arizona's 2013 campaign. Up until all the drama, things were developing into another close game between the Dodgers and D-backs. Grienke and Kennedy kept things scoreless (with the Arizona pitcher scattering four hits and notching six strikeouts when he wasn't plunking opposing players) with Jason Kubel ending the 0-0 situation with a two-run homer in the fifth.

And then shit really got real.

Grienke had nailed Cody Ross to start the fifth inning, which gave the Diamondbacks outfielder a free pass to first base prior to Kubel's jack.

That alone should've been revenge enough, but Kennedy decided to drill El Lay's Yasiel Puig in the nose (causing the rookie to collapse into the dirt and get checked out for a broken proboscis) in the sixth. In a bit of poetic justice, Andre Etheir followed things up with two-run moonshot to score Puig.

Again, that should've been enough, but Grienke obviously wanted even more payback and caromed a four-seam fastball off Miguel Montero's shoulder in the top of the seventh. Then came the bottom half of the frame and all the fisticuffs.

See video of the brawl on the next page.

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Bad timing! Had the brawl happened last Friday at Chase Field, PCSO Sheriff Babeu and Pinal County Attorney Voyles would have been there in the cheap seats.

This brawl would have erupted and those two could have swept down and brought everything under control. Problem solved.

And Babeu would have been seen walking off the field after getting a date with one of the bat boys. Voyles? He would have been found later in the team dressing room, looking at himself in the mirror.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

They should be charged with Criminal Assault and Fighting in Public


Having now done a bit of research on the history of Mr. Grienke I will make the assumption that his days of being a baseball bully are NOT over and I will expect that other teams will be taking action against him, as well. It doesn't appear that he is smart enough to figure out from the impact of a ball on his shoulder that one day, probably soon, someone out in baseball land is going to kick his sorry ass. Probably when his team isn't around to protect him.


@Tommy_Collins Carlos Quentin already kicked Greinke's ass (and broke his collar bone). Greinke still hasn't learned a thing...

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