Jessica Florez, Former Phoenix City Councilwoman, Dies in Scottsdale Over the Weekend

Jessica Florez
One month shy of her 40th birthday, former Phoenix City Councilwoman Jessica Florez died in Scottsdale on June 1.

Although she reportedly died in her sleep, her cause of death has not been disclosed. The Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office says the death investigation remains open, and can not yet release any information.

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton released the following statement about Florez, who served as a strategist in his campaigns for Phoenix City Council:

"Nicole and I are mourning the loss of our dear friend and former Phoenix City Councilwoman Jessica Florez. She cared passionately about our city, having served in dozens of leadership roles, the most important one being her public service as a District 4 city councilwoman in 2003," he writes. "Jessica had a passion for education and worked tirelessly raising funds to support the work of Maricopa Community Colleges, Achieving a College Education (ACE) scholarship. Jessica's life ended way too early, but we will never forget her or her passion for Phoenix."

She was appointed to the Phoenix City Council in 2003 to fill the seat then-Councilman Phil Gordon was vacating to make a run for mayor. Although an ambitious politico who mingled in influential circles, she was unable to fend off a challenge from Tom Simplot.

A New Times article on Florez (August 8, 2003) notes that when the New Mexico native moved to Arizona, she accomplished a great deal.

Excerpts from Vote For Me Or I'll Shoot This Dog:

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Another Democrat bites the dust. How sad..... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Now if only the rest would follow.


@JoeArpaioFan She was an accomplished community leader. Her family lost a beautiful daughter. You have now advanced to to a level of hatefulness that causes your mother to realize that you are a spiteful misogynist. You should be happy that you can move to the front of the line of the Obama Health Care initiative while shopping for your medication.


oh let me guess, you are from th morally superior GOP so therefore it's ok for you to disrespect the death of one of the members of our community. I'm willing to bet if the shoe was on th other foot you'd be huffing and puffing about it.once again, the do as I say not as I do GOP hipocracy shows it's true colors.why don't you just admit you are evil and want to rip of everyone who you don't agree with.


@JoeArpaioFan S

So the Joe Arpaio Fan couldn't resist treating a death announcement as an opportunity to be ignorant!

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