U.S. Marshals and Tempe PD Nab Second Ketamine Raper in Atlanta

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U.S. Marshals working with Tempe PD arrested Mazen Diamond in Atlanta Monday, after the fugitive had been on the lam for more than 10 years for drugging, raping and videotaping Tempe women he and his cousin met at local bars. 

Authorities found Mazen living with his girlfriend and two young children in Atlanta, where he had assumed a new identity and tried to start a fresh life, police say.  

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On March 18, 2001, Diamond and his cousin, Antonio Julio Sanchez, drugged a woman at a Tempe bar with Ketamine and took her to their apartment. The two raped the woman and filmed it. Diamond and Sanchez did the same thing five days later to another woman. 

Officers arrested the two, and Sanchez and Diamond both pleaded guilty to the assaults. But come sentencing time, the two never returned to court and fled the state and became fugitives.

A decade later, Tempe PD again looked into the case and contacted the U.S. Marshals office to help chase leads in Utah, Texas and Florida. 

In late April, authorities in Miami working with Tempe PD nabbed Antonio Julio Sanchez, who was living under the name Antonio Anderson Erin Pina.

Mazen was booked into Georgia's Fulton County Jail and and he'll soon be extradited to Arizona, police say. 

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

maybe he can share a room with Brewer's son. they can sit up all night and exchange tips and tales of rape. fucking disgusting. and people are saying that Jodi Arias deserves the needle? (she does.....but not as much as this piece of shit, and Brewer's kid and any of the other countless thousands of rapists and pedophiles)


Is that Furio from the Sopranos?

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