Tony Phung, Restaurant Owner, Accused of Stabbing Co-Owners to Death in Dining Area

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Tony Phung
Believe it or not, Amy's Baking Company may not be the biggest "kitchen nightmare" in the Valley.

That honor goes to Phoenix Vietnamese restaurant Pho 35, where the owner allegedly stabbed two of the restaurant's co-owners to death in the dining room Thursday.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the four co-owners of the restaurant were arguing about the hiring and firing of the staff at the restaurant, and 51-year-old Tony Phung ended up stabbing two of the co-owners, who were brothers, just before 11 a.m. Thursday.

Restaurant employees told police they didn't see who started the fight, but they did see the brothers, Brandon and Timmy Hoang, stumble out of the front door of the restaurant, obviously injured and bleeding heavily.

Timmy Hoang collapsed outside the restaurant, while Brandon was able to call 911. Timmy was pronounced dead not long after being taken to the hospital, and Brandon died a couple of hours later.

Phung told police about the argument, which he said lasted for several hours. He said he left at one point to buy a lock and chain, to lock the restaurant shut until they could resolve the argument.

That resolution didn't happen. According to the court documents, Phung shoved one of the brothers in the dining area of the restaurant, and the other brother responded by punching Phung.

Phung, through an interpreter, told police that he was "enraged" when he grabbed a knife off a counter, stabbing Timmy Hoang first.

Phung then started stabbing Brandon Hoang "wildly," and the brothers started to stumble out the front door.

Phung waited inside the restaurant for police to arrive, and told police he left the murder weapon in a sink in the dish-washing area, which police recovered.

Phung's own brother, the fourth co-owner who was present during all of this, told police that he didn't even know his brother had a knife until he started stabbing the Hoang brothers, according to the documents

After writing a confession letter and telling police all the details, Phung was booked into jail on two counts of second-degree murder, according to the documents.

His bond was set at $1 million.

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Truth seeker you are so right. Keep watching the corruption in az.

like your comments !


This is right by the crib, mo murda mo murda mo....


He still isn't half as bad as Salomon (The gangster Jew) and his gold digging retired hooker wife Amy

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Two killed. Someone suspected of murder is "bondable", while a NON-violent allegation against a dance teacher is held NON-bondable? What's with the disparity in bond, lawmakers?

Dance teacher presumed guilty? What happened to presumption of innocence in Arizona? Our lawmakers creating their own laws thumbing their noses at the U.S. Constitution, calling themselves "Patriots"! Disgusting.

"He's being held without bond."


He should ask for Amy's old cell. 


@truthseekeraz referendum passed by knee-jerk voters made any sex crime un-bondable ,not the chance to post bond because of the flight risk.

public urination can get you into this kind of trouble,what with our creative police state.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

@sliperymike @truthseekeraz  Legislators create poorly written laws to make lawyers obscenely rich, along with the profiteers off human misery - the private prison corporations that "control" Arizona. Hell-bent on being the "prison state" for the nation as states dump their inmates in Arizona's prisons. Taxpayers liabilities.

Draconian mandatory minimum sentencing, which the prosecutors campaign against reform -- is their weapon for "easy" convictions. The sex offender registry gives the child abuse / sex crime industry their endless $$$'s until the taxpayers will be wiped out or folks pay attention and take action! A registry for one group should be a registry for gun owners as well.

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