Scottsdale Woman Makes Jodi Arias Look Like an Amateur: Shari Tobyne Chopped Up Her Husband, Scattered Him Over Three Counties

Scottsdale PD
Shari Tobyne
While everyone's caught up in the hype of the Jodi Arias trial, we'll point out a quieter case that ended on Friday with a Scottsdale woman being sentenced to life in prison.

Shari Tobyne shot her husband of 35 years, Dwight, then chopped up his body, and left most of his remains scattered over three counties in the state.

Police never got into the specifics of what was found where, but they didn't completely add up, according to media accounts at the time.

Scottsdale police say Dwight was in the process of divorcing Shari in November 2009, and the day before Dwight was scheduled to move out of their home on Mountain View Road, Shari shot and killed him.

After she stored his body at home for a while, Shari dismembered Dwight and dropped off his remains in three counties -- Maricopa, Pinal, and La Paz.

Meanwhile, no one else knew that Dwight was dead. Shari used his phone and e-mail account to send messages to family and friends, and Dwight's daughter finally reported him missing in July 2010 -- months after all three sets of remains had been discovered by members of the public, and authorities were trying to identify who it was.

Once Dwight was reported missing, police started investigating Shari, who eventually admitted to killing Dwight.

Prosecutors initially sought the death penalty for Shari, but after pleading guilty last week, she was sentenced to life in prison, plus 31 extra years for related charges.

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I'm watching a program about this murder.  This woman's husband's business was earning nearly $500,000.  They had a very nice financially comfortable life and a beautiful home.  This narcisstic, greedy, sociopath ruined his business, stole his money, and committed fraud to the point, he needed to raise a $1 million dollars to pay debts and he was under federal investigation.  He tried to sell his home and ended up moving in a rental.

He decided to divorce this skag so she shot him, cut him up, and scattered him about.  She briefly lived with a daughter, claiming he ran off to Mexico.  The daugther says she even stole about $60 from her own grandchild's piggybank!  What a pig!.  Eventually she had to put her out when her drinking and stealing got out of hand.

Only after the daughter reported him missing, did the whole sordid deal came out.

People try not to marry greedy, lying, dishonest sociopaths.  They are not human and care nothing about another person.  They will put life insurance on you and then number you off.

This pig killed her husband of 35 years. The business could have just continued on, but, no, she had to steal, steal, steal.  I note with satisfaction she is not mentioned in the obituary.  

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... 'till Death Do Us Part ...


The case never got the media attention because Jodi murdered a Mormon man, and we know who controls the mainstream media in Phoenix


Need got the press because Jodi murdered a man that was a Mormon


Yeah, but she's not attractive and there are no allegations involving tootsie pops or pop rocks, so no one cares (please note my sarcasm).


No surprise. Heard this lady's lawyers knew what they were doing... But the Arias circus continues.....


No wonder, heard this woman had lawyers who knew what they were doing. The Arias circus continues!!


This psycho didn't get the media attention like Arias because she ain't young, pretty, demure and articulate.  Come on.  TV has standards to maintain.

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