Russell Pearce, Ol' Buds with Killer J.T. Ready, Now Wants to Be the Poster Boy for Gun Rights

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Neo-Nazi murderer J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce.
The Arizona Republic somehow has found it reasonable to give a platform to recalled Senate President Russell Pearce, and in Pearce's op-ed piece this morning, he says he wants to be known for his stance on gun rights.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Pearce isn't the guy to trust on gun "freedom," as his ex-bud, neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, murdered four innocent people, including a baby -- with a gun, naturally.

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While chastising the media for perceived negative coverage of pro-gun laws passed in Arizona, Pearce claims that no one's getting shot.

"No one wants to hear that all these crazies are carrying guns and no one is getting shot," Pearce writes. "How could that possibly be newsworthy?"

May 10, 2012 cover of New Times.
This isn't surprising, given Pearce's announcement after the shooting of people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, that those people only died because the people in the movie theater didn't have guns.

And this is all part of Pearce's argument that people should have been paying attention to his "Constitutional carry" bill, not that SB 1070 stuff.

"Civil rights were reborn here on the same day SB 1070 took effect, but the media ignored that," Pearce says in an incredibly ironic sentence.

Apparently Pearce is discovering that folks just ain't hatin' brown folks like they used too, but guns might not have been the best new bread-and-butter issue for Pearce.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Dear twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce,

When THE PEOPLE moved to recall your sorry ass in 2011 it was partly because of your obsession with the 2nd Amendment.

When you were booted you cried that you were 'working for' the people.

When you tried to make a comeback in LD25 in 2012 THE PEOPLE spoke against you and opted for Mr. Worsley.

You slithered out from under the rock from which you'd been living to support the Flaccid Failure. THE PEOPLE WILL SPEAK again. In favor of booting out that corrupt POS masquerading as a sheriff.




Every Person in Arizona knows that Russell Pearce his Brother, Two Nieces, and the wonderful Mrs. Cortes committed Class Five Felony Election Rigging/Msaipulating during Pearce's Recall Election.

All involved should have gotten nine months to two years in Jail!

As a "Felon" Pearce would not even be allowed to own a gun!

Pearce should be "Poster Child" for Inmate of the Month!

Everyone in Arizona 's Corrupt Government has intentionally turned a blind eye to this Devious Crime committed by Pearce!!

Yet they all claim to want to "Enforce our Laws?!"

Why was Pearce not investigated, and Charged with his Crime?!!

To: Justice in Arizona?


When J.T. Ready did the Gilbert Massacre the Police reported that they found SIX MILITARY HIGH TECH ROCKET PROPPELLED GRENADES (Weapons of Mass Destruction) at his Gilbert Arizona Home.

This Racist Neo-Nazi Mad Man, Pal of Sheriffs Arpaio, and Babeu was Baptised by Russell Pearce, and was being Funded by the U.S. Border Patrol?!!

It was said that the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Rocket Proppelled Grenades) had Serial Numbers on them and their origion could be traced?!

A couple of weeks later the Military shut down Military Gear to Police temporarily stating Sheriff Babeu's abuses!

Did an Arizona Sheriff give BOMBS to this Neo Nazi Mad Man?!!!

These Grenades could have made the Boston Bombings look like a Cake Walk!!

Who is responsible for them being in the Hands of a Mad Man like Ready, and in a Gilbert Subdivision?!!!!!

Arpaio, Babeu, any ideas?!!

Where is the F.B.I, where are the Arrests?


Oscar called it right. He is a piece of shit, a neo-nazi piece of shit.


like I said before THIS IS HALFTIME IN AMERICA from the war of northern aggression .

in these peoples mind, the civil war never ended,and if that is  what they want, I, a danm yankee will kick their asses again!!! 

my mom hates Mexican immigrants,but her husband is from Greece,and was arrested for overstaying his visa.

JT Ready killed his Hispanic girlfriend because she was kicking him to the curb(domestic violence)

hitler could only get it up for jewish women,and had them killed promptly after!

arlen specter....well you can see where this is going.

we should look criticaly at anyone we chose as a "leader" 


It is so nice of Russell to come back from time to time to remind us all of just what a sack of shit he is...

david_saint01 topcommenter

best part is seeing the people trying to stand up for him in the comment section


The az republic looks to be somewhat desperate for readers/subscribers.


That "editorial" was the most narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, delusional piece of carp I have read in a long, long, long time. 

WhoKnows topcommenter

Did anyone catch Pearce when is was at least partly sober and tell him that most of SB1070 was tossed out by the courts?


That poor idiot is trying to stay relevant


@royalphoenix maybe too many want nothing to do with CIA/Facebook in order to participate in comments?  I agree with wanting some just the facts ma'am news source.  I'm weary of all the fear-mongering and bloviating.



You'd have to catch him partly sober.  Good luck.

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