Reporters Ask No Tough Questions of "Sex Kitten" Jodi Arias on Eve of Sentencing

Just watched the interview of Jodi Arias by Mark Curtis of Channel 12 (KNXV-TV), Troy Hayden of Channel 10 (KSAZ-AZ) and Ryan Owens of ABC News.

In what may be one of the last TV interviews of Arias, since prison interviews aren't normally allowed, Curtis and Hayden -- who'd been invited by Arias -- failed to ask any tough questions. Probably, they figured Arias would get up and walk away if they did.

But the result is that a woman who planned and carried out a horrifying murder, and who continues to lie about how it happened, comes off looking like a victim. Seems like a lack of media morality all in the name of ratings. Real-life Natural Born Killers stuff.

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With a quick-but-stylish makeover, Arias, who's waiting today along with millions worldwide to learn whether she'll be sentenced to death, was allowed to criticize the prosecutor who attempted to bring justice to her brutal crime, claim she wasn't lying when she said she wanted the death penalty, lied that she apologized yesterday for killing Travis Alexander and bleat that she was "betrayed" by the jury.

Curtis asked softball after unbelievable softball: Did she think she was overly possessive? Why have you become so hated? Would you date Travis again? Did Juan Martinez cross the line from doing a good job for the state of Arizona to being abusive? What would you say to all those people who see you as a sex kitten?

A slightly hard question -- did her upbringing influence what happened (we call it slightly hard because her upbringing was fairly normal, with no documented abuse, and thus in no way explains why she went psycho on Alexander) -- was declined by Arias with no follow-up by the reporter.

In 2008, Mesa police proved that Jodi Arias planned the June 4, 2008, murder before she drove to Travis Alexander's home. Juan Martinez, deputy county attorney, served up tough love to the lying murderess and destroyed Arias' every lie with cold evidence. The jury agreed the murder was premeditated and has only yet to decide whether she should be executed for it.

Arias' knife wasn't soft, and neither is she. A hardened killer like her shouldn't be treated like a kitten -- by anyone.

Yeah, she would have stormed out if she'd made the mistake of invited us.

Ryan Owens of ABC News threw one reasonably critical question to her: When is she going to stop lying and tell the truth about what happened?

Arias said she didn't know how to respond to that, then called Owens a "hater" and implied she wouldn't have invited him if she'd known he was going to be so tough. The audio fades out as he protests and it's unclear from the editing just how the conversation went, but the smiling -- Owens calls her "smug" -- Arias allowed the interview to proceed.


Below, links to the interviews.

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It seems to me that the softball questions allowed Arias to further demonstrate exactly who she is - a calculating lier.  Those questions gave her exactly the room she needed to demonstrate that she will say whatever she thinks will be beneficial at that particular moment, regardless of how bizarre it sounds or how much it contradicts anything that she has said previously, even if she just said it yesterday.  I don't know that you need hard, pointed questioning to make her look bad - she seems to be doing a great job of that herself.

Flyer9753 topcommenter


For the most part I would have to agree, since this was not really an interview, but more of the needed act of giving her a stage, let her inhabit it herself and without coaxing or anything else let her show the world herself, in her own words just how whacked she truly is.


@Flyer9753 @JohnQ.Public Her reality seems to be extremely fluid - when I googled "fluid reality" some scary stuff came up - some along the lines of "The Secret" that her "ex" says seemed to mark the beginning of her "magical thinking."  Perhaps the fascination is partly because we all know liars that create their own reality but none who go so far as she did.  I bet alot of psycho types want to study her brain - living and deceased.


@JohnQ.Public Pathological for sure.  People keep clamoring for remorse and apology.  That is inconsistent with her premise of abuse but even so, we do not know if her intentional (The Secret) manifestation prevents her from expressing some remorse or some form of apology or if she really does not feel it - get it.  She's pretty smart so I am tending to think that her intent to manifest her desired outcome is what prevents her from that expression.

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