Phoenix Gun-Buyback Program Takes in Another 937 Guns

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This gun-buyback program in Phoenix appears to be pretty popular.

After taking in almost 1,000 guns in exchange for grocery-store gift cards in the first two weeks, the program's $100,000 donation ran dry, but another anonymous $100,000 donation came in, and it was exhausted again this weekend.

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According to Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos, 937 guns were turned in to police in exchange for the gift cards this weekend, bringing the grand total over three weekends to 1,916.

Police will double-check that count and release the breakdown of types of guns turned in later this week.

The event, coordinated by Arizonans for Gun Safety, initially was scheduled to go on for three weekends this month, but the event -- which was funded to exchange gift cards for fewer than 1,000 guns -- took in 803 guns in the first weekend alone.

Even after the gift cards ran during the second weekend, a couple hundred guns still were handed over to the cops, which looked to be the end of the program, billed as the largest gun-buyback event in the history of the state.

However, the program, funded by private donations, accepted another anonymous, $100,000 donation, which ran out after just one day, this past Saturday -- which was the scheduled end of the buyback program anyway.

The program's taking place before the new law -- which specifically bans agencies from "facilitat[ing] the destruction of a firearm," and instead forces them to turn around and sell the guns to dealers -- that goes into effect.

However, if you check out a story filed this weekend from the Arizona Republic's J.J. Hensley, he notes that police may not be able to destroy all the guns before the law goes into effect.

Potential loopholes in the law to allow gun buybacks to go forward have been pointed out, like Tucson Councilman Steve Kozachik, who suggested selling the guns for pennies to people who intend to destroy them.

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How much money did the City of Phoenix spend on this political sideshow?  How much more money will be spent? 


CONGRATULATIONS to all those people for Their extraordinary effort in Buying Back all those LETHAL WEAPONS to destroy them, thus keeping them off the hands of criminals and the mentally insane.It's good to do something instead of just sitting around, hoping for murderers not to be able to get said weapons and commit more crimes. A perfect example is the WITCH FROM THE WEST that wants to put them right back in the hands of the criminally insane. I just hope that all those weapons can be destroyed before that INSANE LAW that calls for banning the destruction of said weapons.

It seems that the WITCH is more interested in making a profit and at the same time please Her handlers whom in turn have to please the LOONIE PRES OF THE NRA instead of the security and well beign of Her constituents. JUST DESPICABLE


That's awesome.  Now if only they would have spent that $200,000 on something that would have actually impacted crime rates in the valley.

valleynative topcommenter

It's not clear to me why Matthew continues to cite the bill as banning

"facilitat[ing] the destruction of a firearm," 

The bill as passed reads:

"This state, any agency or political subdivision of this state and any law enforcement agency in this state shall not facilitate the destruction of a firearm or purchase or otherwise acquire a firearm for the purpose of destroying the firearm except as authorized by section 13-3105 or 17-240."

valleynative topcommenter

The law specifies that the guns must be sold to people who will sell them to the pubic.  Since the police already have policies in place that govern selling their used service firearms to dealers for resale, it would be bureaucratically easiest to use that same process, so that's probably what will happen.

valleynative topcommenter

@IdontRecall   Let's stop and think for a moment, if you don't mind.

If these guns weren't going to be destroyed, they would be sold to people who passed a background check.  Not to criminals or the insane.

This law wasn't Brewer's idea, and it certainly wasn't the NRA's idea.  The gun industry would love to see as many used guns as possible destroyed.  You see why, don't you?

This law was suggested by a group of citizens who don't like seeing their taxes go up at the same time that cities are destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property.

There's probably no point in mentioning that, statistically, armed civilians result in lower rates of violent crime and burglaries, because there's no way the police can prevent such crimes, but the knowledge that the victim might be armed will make criminals think twice.

So, there's really not much about your comment that's true.

valleynative topcommenter

"Public", not "pubic".  My mind wandered.

Emphasis mine:

... if the property is a firearm, the agency shall sell the firearm to any business that is authorized to receive and dispose of the firearm under federal and state law and that shall sell the firearm to the public according to federal and state law, unless the firearm is otherwise prohibited from being sold under federal and state law.


@VALLEYNATIVE, Keep living in UR CONFORT ZONE (BUBBLE), if that's what makes U happy. See, there are thousands of individuals that have Theirs noses 2 inches from the "BIG PICTURE", right on the scene that most conform to Their belief, regurgitating the same lies, over and over, until They believe it Themselves; unable to take a big step back and take a look at the whole picture, 'cause They know by doing so, their bubble will burst, leaving Them confused and not knowing what to do. I'M LEAVING A SUIT


@valleynarive. did it touch a nerve?, seems that the Suit SUITS U PERFECTLY......Hey, don't be ashamed, there are plenty on UR image. keep on liying to URself, If my comment , acording to U, "reads the way a drug addled homeless ranting on a street corner sounds", just imagine  Yours;  they sound like the other drug addled  homeless across the street, taking offense, regurgitating the same crap over and over.......oh, sorry, I forgot that that's how U end up believing it......well, as I said before, if that makes U happy.....keep at it, go along chikd. LMFAO.


valleynative topcommenter

@IdontRecall  Your comment reads the way a drug addled homeless person ranting on a street corner sounds.  If that's what you were going for, well then, kudos.   On the other hand, if you're hoping to influence opinions, you should offer some facts and proof read your comments.

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