Paul Babeu, Pinal County Sheriff, Getting Some Lovin' (and Help Distracting Public from PCSO Search-and-Rescue Woes) from Fox News

Chris Hensley and Daughters.jpg
Chris Hensley and his two daughters. Superstition Search and Rescue located his body shortly after starting its search.
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has been catching some serious heat over the way his office handled the search for missing hiker Christopher Hensley.

The PCSO's own search crew combed the Superstition Mountains for days. But it was Superstition Search and Rescue, a private, all-volunteer team ousted by the sheriff in 2009, that found Hensley's body within a couple of hours of starting its search.

Local newspapers have run stories and editorials highlighting the PCSO failures.

What does Babeu do? Schedule an appearance on Fox News? Brenda Garza Hermanson of posted this blurb on her Facebook: "Paul Babeu will be on the Hannity Show Friday night -- Don't miss it!"

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If he is making an appearance, who knows what Babeu will be railing about on the right-wing network -- immigration reform? The IRS? The Associated Press? Benghazi? It doesn't matter, really, any White House scandal will do.

Either way, local folks are intent on holding Babeu and those he assigns to search for vulnerable, lost residents and visitors accountable.

Adam Gaub, managing editor of the Maricopa Monitor, wrote one editorial with the headline: "At PCSO, pride goeth before a life."

Babeu's office claims that Tonya, Hensley's wife, didn't give it sufficient information. And it says that the team that did find him -- Superstition Search and Rescue -- only got the information it used to locate Hensley's body because of PCSO efforts.

Gaub takes the PCSO to task for its stance.

"The thought that a mother of two young girls desperate to find her missing husband would not do her utmost to share information with investigators is ludicrous. Pouring salt on the open wound of the Hensley family's life right now to avoid any acceptance of blame is the height of arrogance," he writes.

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why babeu doesn't answer this real allegations. he instead send tim gafney that didn't know what happen in national guard. babeu avoid it so nobody find track of it.

babeu had a relation with one young in yuma national guard.
babeu, don't lie again that you were highly rated retired.... you were fired from guard cause your corruption, they found out you were gay and misconduct. remember babu's trip to colorado for training on 2010, he was caught hooking up with men. remember babu's photos from national guard on baboons campaign website, well he was reprimanded using the guard for political purposes and misconduct speaking against babeus commander chief, barack Obama.
there are records and track of all of this. baboon had future plans in the guard to go to next range, but saddly he was fired for misconduct.


It is getting so old, the lie, that Tonya did not give sufficient information. We are not on the playground pointing fingers. It is what it is. If people can't accept the truth, that the PCSO received the same info as SSAR, then just get out of dirty politics and find another career. I, for one member of the public, is so sick of being lied to, by people attempting a coverup, with a lie so ridiculous, it is embarrassing. Tell it like it is or don't talk at all. You may find that honesty and humility are far greater attributes to public leadership than lies and blame. If you want to be respected, then earn it. You work for us and we expect the truth, not lies and excuses, from anyone in public office.


Mugging for the cameras is a pretty poor substitute for doing your job. Babeu may have raised millions off his more-or-less weekly appearances on Fox during the salad days of 2010-2011, but that--and he--is a fast-fading memory. The money's gone (blown characteristically stupidly), he's got nothing to show for it, and the bills at home are beginning to come due. Fewer and fewer people in the Party or conservative media circles harbor any illusions about him any longer. 

How'd tonight's much-heralded (by him) appearance go? It didn't. After getting all showered, powdered, and dressed for his close-up, he got the hook. He messaged his fans "...not sure why ..." No doubt. He'll cling like grim death to whatever self-flattering story he can seize upon--he always does, even to the point of self-delusion--but the writing's on the wall. The media outlets that made him, briefly, what passes for a celebrity in their little corner of the world increasingly have had their fill. The days are gone when cable TV histrionics sufficed to distract the folks at home from the unholy mess he's made of his real responsibilities. 

(In fairness to Hannity, he grasped pretty early that something's not right with the man. He was frankly skeptical during Babeu's scenery-chewing first appearance on his show, and he hasn't had him back much since then. The rest of the network could've profited by his example.)


I don't understand why Babeu, aka Little Joe Paul, needs MORE money for his SAR team, despite being a so-called 'conservative'.

If and since SSAR is doing the exact same job at no expense to taxpayers while having far better results and Babeu's team is funded by the taxpayers and failing miserably, I don't understand why the PCBOS doesn't eliminate funding for PCSO's SAR team.

After the Flaccid Failure is booted out I think a recall of Babeu is due.


When are the Supervisors in Pinal County going to wake up and realize that bald bunion is using them, along with the taxpayers money to help build an empire?

A couple of weeks ago, the bunion goes before the supes and asks for $12 million to fuel is ever lovin' need for power.  Just a few weeks later he sends out a video to his staff to tell them to pressure the supes into allowing a continual $2 million drain on the budget from ICE.  A bunch of uniformed officers show up at the meeting, you have to wonder who was on  the clock and who wasn't.  Stacking the meeting hall with friendly faces and then making a circus out of the proceedings seems to be the norm for this failed lawman.

We've found out he can't run a successful organization with the failure of the SAR team for the county and he loves the taxpayer dime.

When is this madness going to stop?


Just in: Court upholds policy denying drivers licenses to DREAMERS. Don't say I didn't tell you so.


BTW, we don't have an axe to grind with anybody. We didn't know anybody in AJ until this happened. Integrity and honesty are virtues. They are  moral codes. Don't we teach our children to do the right thing and always be honest, even if we don't like the consequences? It is so sad that adult leaders have the mentality of very young children when it comes to accountability. Speaking in general, as this can apply to many of us. We should be adult enough to admit our mistakes and shortcomings, even if it hurts and can affect a personal goal or agenda. You can gain the world, but if you do so with a foundation of lies, what good is it?


@tmather In his campaign to bully the Board into a further redoubling of his budget, Babeu is using official taxpayer-funded resources like a political slush fund. He did the same thing with the previous Board, but they were majority Democrats, so a lot of us assumed he must have had a point. In turns out he didn't, and now it's Republicans' turn. Massachusetts Republicans, whose experience with him was almost entirely unpleasant, could've told us what was coming.

Babeu has blasted out agency-wide emails attacking the Board, and Chief Deputy Steve Henry has used of agency social-media resources to tell the whole world that the Board doesn't care about deputies or public safety. They're spreading these lies--there's no other word for them--to shift the focus of rank-and-file discontent within the agency away from Babeu's own mismanagement and onto the Board, which had no part in creating these problems and is the only outside entity with the power to do anything about them. 

This confrontation is a test Board didn't go looking for, but can't afford to fail. Its dilemma is either to submit to Babeu's ever-escalating demands, rendering itself complicit in wrecking both county finances & the proper functioning of the sheriff's office, or to fight back and win. The normal course would be compromise, but when in his quarter-century political career has that ever worked with Babeu? Never, and it won't work now. 


@tmather the word is "uninformed officers" when addressing the rank and file of andy dicks gay  army(we thought we were voting for andy Griffith)

at least with Frank Reyes,you knew what to expect! 


Flyer9753 topcommenter



The court only denied the injunction against the policy that was being sought, they did not rule on the lawsuit 

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