Pastor Warren Stewart Supporter Cloves Campbell Calls Stewart's Political Opponent a "House Negro"

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Cloves Campbell, Jr.
It's getting downright dirty in the race for a District 8 seat on the Phoenix City Council.

In the latest round of mud-slinging, one of the candidates is accused of going to Scottsdale for dinner, stopping at random Starbucks for caffeinated beverages, and even going to happy hour with "new friends."

These, um, shocking allegations were leveled at an unnamed District 8 candidate by Cloves Campbell, Jr. in an editorial published in his newspaper, the Arizona Informant.

Oh, and he also alleges the candidate's a "house Negro." Which really is shocking.

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Campbell calls the candidate this apparently for immersing himself in a "job with nothing but white folks." And, like the "house Negro" of old, he "enjoys a clean 'white' life" and with his burgeoning confidence, he has the gall to believe that someone like him should represent people people in District 8."

Since Campbell supports Pastor Warren Stewart for City Council, it's clear that he believes that this Scottdale-eating-Starbucks-drinking candidate who's infiltrated the District 8 race is Lawrence Robinson.

We called Stewart -- who made a point of saying his campaign would be a mud-free zone -- to see what he thought about Campbell's labeling of his opponent with the offensive label.

We left messages for him at his church, on his cell phone, and at his home. He's yet to return our calls.

Robinson says only that he wants to "rise above the divisive politics of the past," remain focused on the "issues at stake for our community" and hopes to have a substantive debate with the other candidates.

Stewart, Robinson, and Carolyn T. Lowery, three black candidates, are competing for a seat in a mostly Latino district that has been an African-American stronghold for decades. Kate Widland Gallego, a white woman married to a Latino lawmaker, also is a serious contender for the seat.

"If they ever were on, the gloves are clearly off now," says the Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a civil rights leader who's been fielding calls from media about whether Campbell's assessment is fair. "All's fair in love and war. But, the candidates will be weighed in the balance by voters, and those found wanting will not survive the primary election."

It's unclear how Robinson's, um, ties to Scottsdale and Starbucks could affect his candidacy. And the stuff about being a "house Negro" is as ludicrous as it is shocking.

Robinson grew up in South Phoenix.

"This Negro has lost his mind!" Campbell wrote in his editorial. "As a matter of fact this Negro decides that he should represent Black folks as an elected official!"

It wasn't that long ago that Campbell was heaping praise on Robinson, who has a law degree, after he won a seat on the Roosevelt School Board.

If just eating in Scottsdale is enough to turn a candidate into a traitor who is less connected to his South Phoenix community, imagine if Campbell knew that one of the District 8 candidates actually hired a campaign consultant who lives in Scottsdale?!

That would be Pastor Stewart.

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So in order as not to be perceived as a 'House Negro' where should successful African Americans eat and shop? What a backwards jerk.


As a woman, 1/16 African American, and 1/16 Native American, I find this very offensive. Or is the other candidate African American too? Then it can't be racist, just stupid right? It's all so confusing. Would be more clear cut if one was white. I just like commenting before I know all the facts. Call me crazy, but I am a woman....and pretty, so that makes it ok. Peace. 


Campbell is a racist who clearly distinguishes between "white" and "black" and believes that there is a way to live as a "black" and a way to live if you are "white".


So what did that make Maupin when he signed up to represent the very white Amy and Samy of Amy's Baking Compny in........Scottsdale?


Yeah,  yeah,  yeah, some people think that no black ever gets anywhere without being house nigger at least occasionally.  How does Campbell know all these things?  Voyeur, traitor, mudslinger . . . the one not answering calls wins.

ExpertShot topcommenter

I have been to many community meetings of black leaders in the South Phoenix Community - that type of language when characterizing other blacks, as well as whites and latinos, is common place and accepted.  I'm white so I've felt VERY out of place when this type of conversation comes up - but, I just shine it on.  I'm not as "sensitive" as others are I guess - plus I know this type of speech comes out of ignorance and after all is said and done, that's what I'm fighing against - ignorant, bigoted, small-minded, hate-filled people.  It's gonna stop RIGHT NOW!  

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