CBS 5's Medical-Marijuana Story: "Investigation," or Propaganda?

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Reporter Morgan Loew, telling it like it isn't.
CBS 5 -- the local news station that claims to be "telling it like it is" -- ran one of the stranger "investigations" we've seen from a local TV station.

In the report, "investigative reporter" Morgan Loew told the state health department it was true that he had severe and chronic pain, but then claimed he didn't, before claiming that he didn't lie about it as he obtained a medical-marijuana card for the story. The segment also included a fabricated statistic in an apparent attempt to prove that healthy people get medical-marijuana cards -- a point that probably didn't need the theatrics to get across to people.

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"Ninety percent of the certifications are for severe and chronic pain," Loew said in the segment, while a dramatic graphic displayed. "Not cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, ALS, or any of the other specific illnesses that qualify someone for medical marijuana."

We confirmed with the Arizona Department of Health Services yesterday that the number is 71.57 percent -- not 90 -- from the last report.

This was said as the reporter, Loew, went to a chiropractor, then went to a doctor, complaining to both that he's had back pain for months -- pain he claims is legitimate. The pain was "distracting," he said. He couldn't tell the doctor whether the pain made it difficult for him to concentrate on things but admitted that it limits his ability to run.

After getting the medical-marijuana card, which he asked about, he then acted like the doctor was out of bounds for giving him the green light on a medical-marijuana recommendation.

"I mean, does that really qualify," he asked the doctor. "A sore back?"

The doctor attempted to explain that, yeah, months of back pain fits the definition of "chronic," and all the belly-aching he did about the pain made it sound severe.

But it sounded like Loew already knew what his story was about. The CBS 5 headline reads that "young, healthy" people are getting medical-marijuana cards, although according to a doctor and Loew's date of birth, neither of those words describe him.

Throw in the interview with anti-pot activist/Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and take a look at the segment yourself (click here) -- does this look like an "investigation" or propaganda to you?

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Just goes to show that if you do not want to use medical marijuana then you should not go through the trouble to obtain a registry card. If he lied or not, he is not faced with the possibility of using cannabis for his ailments or not using the medicine at all.


The guy lied and signed his name to it.  He should be fired at the least and investigated for filing false paperwork to the state.


I don't think Mr. Hendley really understood the story and is trying to divert the whole thing on that statistic crap, montgomery, etc.. so what if there's a difference of 19%... who cares, 71 is still too "high" sorry mr Hendly i'll have to side with CBS on this one I found the investigation very informative.

Take my criticism like a man!..

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I wonder how the suits at KPHO are taking this mess. They should fire this loew jackass and then fire themselves.


what a douch!!!! he lied and cried about his condition, yet he has the nerve to sit and accuse the doctor of not being honest! and false statistics! this makes me look like a recreational user. i fit into his propaganda. this is exactly why the community wont take us seriously. because how can i prove that i really do hurt, if its so easy for someone else to tell me im faking! gosh. this really burns my buns!


You know I enjoy the New Times, Matthew, but I'm not sure you or this paper have the right to criticize another organization for agenda-driven reporting or describe another reporter's reporting as propaganda.  You have your agenda and you don't shy away for reporting in-line with that agenda, and that's fine.  But I'm not sure you're in a position to call out another organization's reporting as "propaganda."


They make more money with fines, then to let people have a card, even if you are not driving that day.AZ voted for it how many years ago.But you are allowed to text and drive. The guy who got a card lied, he,s got to be REP''How much longer tell we can vote  on new Governor? 


Medical Marijuana is a form of propoganda...Just legalize the trash and lets move on.


@wtf... you should shoot yourself in the face. when you feel pain and need relief I hope you are denied medical care so that you can feel what we all have felt.


@JohnQ.Public If they call em as they see em, I have no problem with it.  The NT isn't MSM as defined.  They're alternative media that reports on "Agenda Driven" articles.  But for the MOST part, I've found them to be CLOSER to the truth than the MSM has been.  ESPECIALLY on THIS issue!  What Morgan Loew did was CRIMINAL and I'm APPALLED that authorities aren't acting upon this. 

Flyer9753 topcommenter


Then how about taking issue with CBS5 on the facts alone, which are so wrong, proven wrong that it's those lies that make it propaganda.

When you see NT getting it's facts wrong, especially this wrong, then you would have a valid argument there but as it is, you don't.

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